Update:  I just received new information from Michelle – Donor Recruitment Account Manager with the American Red Cross regarding two upcoming drives.

In Honor of Drive for Lily

Cinco in Vickery
Monday, November 19th, 12:00 to 5:00
This drive is on a Blood Mobile.  We will be able to process 40 donors.  There are currently 21 donors signed up.
Northside Hospital
Monday, November 19th, 7:00 to 5:00
This drive is a large inside drive.  We will be able to process 130 donors.  Cards will be available to leave messages for Lily.
Super important.  Stay warm in this weather.  If you are already challenged by low iron levels the cold continues to lower these levels.  Sit on your hands and before your finger prick, massage your fingers pushing the blood down towards your fingertips.  When you are awaiting to donate and are in the elements your veins constrict and some donors have been unable to fill a unit/pint of blood.  In this case, we are unable to provide the blood to the patients in need.  Please drink, eat, and sleep well prior to your donation.

Most importantly.  Everyone is busied during the holiday season.  Ask yourself, “Can you spare one hour to gift life to three patients?”  While many of us are home with our families during the holidays, there are families that are by the bedside of their loved ones and depending on our generous donations to bring their loved ones home for the holidays.  Someone is in need of blood every two seconds.  This need does not decline because it is the holidays.  It is very difficult to find sponsor groups during this time of the year.  Please spread the mission with your friends and family.  Encourage gifting the gift that matters most.  It is free!

More Information:

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I, like probably many of you, have followed Lily Anderson‘s story for some time now.  Through cancer, remission, and battling cancer again, I read the updates her Mom provides on her Caring Bridge site and eagerly await and pray for good news.
She’s in a tough battle right now.  We think many things in life aren’t fair, but a young child having to fight cancer just isn’t fair!
Today her Mom gave a little challenge of sorts – to give blood in Lily’s honor.  Lily has needed several bags of blood over the last weeks and she realizes that the donors have helped save her life. Without blood donors Lily and many other children needing blood and platelets due to cancer would not have a chance.

Can you give blood in Lily’s Honor?

What better way to kick off the Gift Giving Season than to make a donation in Lily’s honor!
Consider making a donation at one of the 7 (currently scheduled) blood drives going on in Forsyth County in the coming weeks.  Click here for a blood drive listing from the American Red Cross.
What a great way to start the gift giving season!