Parents are facing a new challenge of keeping kids active, healthy and occupied during this unprecedented time of quarantine and social distancing. After weeks on end of being stuck in the house, you may be looking for new and easy games to play with your kids, using common items found around the house. The team at i9 Sports- Forsyth/ N. Fulton, the nation’s largest youth sports league, has developed a few creative games for parents and kids to play together and combat boredom while quarantined including:

  • Spot Smash: Place a Hula Hoop on the floor (or create a circle with painter’s tape), stand around the circle with a ball. Players bounce the ball once in the hoop to a player who has to only use one hand to bounce it back to another player. If a player misses, they are out.

  • Walk like Me: Define an area or pathway (such as the kitchen island or the living room) and place a basket full of stuffed animals. Without looking, pick a stuffed animal out of the basket and walk/act like that animal around the room. To make it more fun, create a finish line and make it a race!

  • Tape Jumping: Using painters tape make a straight line starting point. Then lay another piece a few spaces apart. Repeat until you have a line of this. Almost like a ladder drawn with tape. Once you have it ready, you will jump from piece to piece. You can make it more challenging by extending how close the pieces of tape are.
  • Instant Replay: Set up a fun obstacle course with any items you have such as cones, jump rope, duct tape, etc., and run through it, starting at the opposite end each time. Example: Count to ten while jumping rope — weave through cones — run backward to the next point – 10 jumping jacks– crab walk to the finish line. Whoever finishes in the shortest amount of time wins!

  • Swoosh Shooting Skillz: Line up cones in a straight line three feet apart, with a bucket at the end. Start at first cone and dribble ball while weaving in and out of cones. Once through the last cone, stop and shoot the basketball into the bucket.

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