The following is a guest post by Cumming Resident Anna Everhart.  Anna is a wife, mother, author, blogger and someone I’m happy to know personally!  I can definitely relate to this post & could have written some of the same exact thoughts!  What about you?  Can you relate? 

 Do you take things personally?  I used to.  A lot.

Whether it was a statement by someone that offended my personal beliefs, or a rude comment or attitude made by someone towards me- I’d take it personally.
I realized I was spending a lot of time passionately being upset at the injustice of how people treated others, or the lack of warmth or tact from people in my life.  I didn’t understand how people could be so rude or thoughtless!  After some serious soul searching, I had a realization that there were a few heart issues that were contributing to my inability to let things roll off my back.
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