New Christmas Trends Report

More Than 85% Of Families Will Leave Someone Alone On A Ladder This Christmas, According To A New Christmas Trends Report

Christmas is a time for friends and family to get together – except when it comes to decorating, apparently. More than 1,900 people participated in a nationwide survey conducted by Christmas Lights, Etc on Christmas decorating trends during the holidays. While the majority of people say that the most enjoyable thing about decorating is sharing Christmas spirit, they are quick to point out that the act of decorating is surprisingly solitary.

Only 13% of people say they decorate the outside of their home as a family. Inside the home, only 25% say they decorate as a family. According to the report, this is likely because one person in a household may champion certain parts of the home’s decorating and it is largely split along gender lines.

About 82% of men indicate they do most of the decorating outside the home, whereas only 44% of women make that claim. But, inside the home the roles reverse. 79% of women say they do most of the decorating inside, but only 31% of men make that claim. When asked about specific areas people decorate, the report found that women own the living room, men own the roof and they come together to share responsibility on the porch.

“We always assumed that Christmas decorating was a highly shared event,” says David Smola, market research analyst for Christmas Lights, Etc. “In some areas of the home that’s still the case, but it looks like help from the family conspicuously vanishes.”

The report “Christmas Trends: Consumer Views of Christmas Lights, Trees & Decorating” discovered many other interesting trends, including:

  • 66% of people now prefer LED Christmas lights over incandescent.
  • More than a quarter of Americans actually decorate their bathrooms for Christmas.
  • 78% of women say they choose the Christmas décor but 56% of men say the same thing.
  • Women like ornaments more than men, but men like big light bulbs more.
  • More than half of Americans prefer artificial Christmas trees, but it varies widely by age.
  • 63% of Americans say the hardest part of Christmas decorating is taking it all back down.
  • However, 62% say the most fun part of decorating is sharing Christmas spirit.
  • 3% of Americans indicated they don’t find decorating fun at all. Bah Humbug!

Christmas Lights, Etc is the most shopped online Christmas lights store in America and routinely engages in nationwide customer research on Christmas lights, trees and decor. Highlight findings from the Christmas trends report are available for free at:

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