Food for Thought Project: Making it Easy to Get Involved

Want to make a big impact this year? In a practical way? And right here in Forsyth County?

If you haven’t signed up to participate in the “Food for Thought Project“, then it’s as simple as that!

I was so excited when I first shared this opportunity with you last year. It is something that our family supports and I thought it was so simple to get involved that everyone else should know about it too! So many of you joined in the project! And you shared with your friends & neighbors too! It’s been incredibly exciting to watch how Food for Thought has grown and I know that it will be making a huge impact in our county in 2012!

The Food for Thought Project, launched in April 2011, by two local families in Cumming, GA. Two families that I’m happy to know! They have big hearts and big dreams! They saw a need in our community and are now working to fill that need!

Simply put, the Food for Thought Project is a community based, ongoing door to door food drive. They currently serve Cumming & Forsyth County.

How Does it Work?

After signing up to participate (just involves filling out an online form with contact information), you’ll be given a bright orange reusable bag. The bag is delivered to your doorstep. Fill the bag up & on the second Saturday of every month, a volunteer will pick the bag up (from your doorstep), and leave another bag in its place! The filled bag will then be sorted & all food collected will be taken to local food pantries. The empty bag is yours to fill up again & get ready for the next pick up date!

Tips for Filling up Your Bag:

  • Each week when you go shopping, simply buy one-two extra non-perishable food items. Between each pickup, you’ll collect 8-16 items to fill your bag!
  • A reader gave me this great idea: Take your Orange Bag to the Grocery store. Fill the bag up in one trip. When you get to the check-out register, ring all items in your Orange Bag up separately. Then you’ll have a receipt for your donation AND your bag is already packed & ready to go for the next upcoming pickup! (We have SMART readers)!

Either way, it’s simple – buy some extra non-perishable items and Food for Thought does the rest!

To Date:

The Food for Thought Project has picked up 16,232 lbs of food and have 417 families participating! Even restaurants are getting involved! Mia’s Pizza & Eats has sponsored several events and just released this Press Release in which they announce a Perpetual Fundraiser to Benefit FFTP.

How to Join in the Project?

1. Donate FoodAsk for a bright orange bag. It’s estimated that for every 300 people who participate, Food for Thought will collect one ton of additional food a month.

2. Invite Your Neighbors – Ask neighbors if they would like to join this program and get a bright orange bag. Maybe even head up the efforts in your neighborhood!

3. Help Transport Food – Once every 2 months, on the second Saturday, help pick up the bright orange bags. This could be a great family activity — Mom or Dad drives & the kids run get the food! I’m helping in February!

Connect with Food for Thought:

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Email Food for Thought

Phone: 770.744.3571

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