Spring Cleaning Week: Wrap Up

Thanks for hanging out with us during our Spring Cleaning Week!  I hope you learned a few tips & tricks from some of the industry’s best!

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Green Star Roofing brought us some great (and timely after Friday’s weather) tips for “Understanding Hail Damage“.  If you received any hail or strong winds at your house this past weekend, give them a call.  If you’re in need of a new roof, you can receive $500 off any new purchase or free Ventilation upgrade.

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Spring Cleaning Week: Tips from i Dream of Clean

The following is a guest post by Christine of the popular cleaning blog, i Dream of Clean, where she provides “cleaning tips & tricks for the modern mom”.

Spring Cleaning the Easy Way

Spring Cleaning means different things to different people. To some it means exchanging winter clothes in their closets for summer clothes. To others, it’s a time to organize drawers and cabinets. For other people, it’s the one time of year they actually get down on their hands and knees to clean.

The good thing is that there is no right answer!

However, I tend to thing of Spring Cleaning as a chance to spend time cleaning areas of the house that rarely get attention. Ceiling fans, baseboards, windows, trash cans, and light fixtures probably aren’t on your usual cleaning schedule, but they should be given attention at least one time each year. So, it seems like the Spring Cleaning season is the prefect occasion!

Here is a list of the top five things to give some attention to this Spring Cleaning season:

  1. Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans – Remove dust from all ceiling fixtures. Wipe the inside and outside of all light fixture globes (or stick them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning) to allow just a bit more light into your home.
  2. Windows – There’s no time like the present to give a good scrub down to the inside and outside of every window in your home. While your at it, throughly inspect your windows for cracks, air leaks, and anything else that is in need of repair.
  3. Crown Molding and Baseboards – There’s probably not many times throughout the year that you think about your moldings. However, crevices usually found on moldings can catch dust and dirt like no other. Grab a microfiber clothe or duster and make your molding look like new.
  4. Carpet – Unless you have a hard and fast rule in your home that no shoes are allowed on the carpet, there’s a good chance that your carpet could use some deep down cleaning. Rent a carpet cleaning machine (if you’re in between professional cleanings) or hire a professional to Spring Clean your carpets (which Cumming Local recommends our friends at Carpet Cleaning Plus).
  5. Touch Points – So often we enter our house, flip on the light switch, grab the remote, put down our keys, and then turn on the faucet giving no thought to the germs we’ve just brought inside. Grab a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and a rag. Walk around the house, room by room, and spray/wipe down all of the areas that are touched often but rarely cleaned: light fixtures, faucet handles, door handles, remote controls, railings, etc.

If you take some time to clean the five areas listed above, you’ll be well on your way to a sparkling clean home. They are the easiest deep cleaning tasks you can do to automatically give your home a cleaning boost. Of course, there’s a ton more that you could tackle. If your in the mood, you can find a customizable, printable document with every Spring Cleaning task you could think of here on iDreamofClean. Or, if organizing is more your thing, join us this month as we organize our way to a clean home!

Christine doesn’t like to clean. Yep, that’s right! Who does really? That’s why she shares tips and tricks on iDreamofClean like Clean Your Kitchen if 5 Minutes or Less and 10 Habits of a Clean Home. Her goal is to make cleaning your home an easier task so you can spend more time doing the things you like with the ones you love!

Connect with iDreamofClean:


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iDreamofClean on Facebook

Spring Cleaning Week: Carpet Cleaning Tips

The following is a guest post from the owners of Carpet Cleaning Plus of Cumming, GA.

Carpet Cleaning Plus in Cumming GA, Carpet cleaning in Cumming GA

Household Carpet Steam Machines

I am often asked about my opinion of the use of “home” carpet steam machines.  So here are a few recommendations from our experience with customers using the “home” or “take home” carpet cleaning machines:

  1. Household carpet steam machines can be a useful tool in between routine professional cleanings. Often times folks want to “freshen” their carpet or work on a particular stain that developed. Both are perfectly fine, but be sure to follow recommendation number 2.
  2. Do not use “shampoos” that come with carpet cleaning machines. Most shampoos will leave a residue on your carpet that will attract dirt and odors fast. When we encounter carpet shampoo residue, we use a product to help neutralize it. Most homeowners do not have that product on hand, so we provide each customer a 32 oz bottle of carpet spot cleaner. Use the Carpet Cleaning Plus spot cleaner INSTEAD of standard carpet shampoo. (That 32 oz bottle is refillable for one year for each of our clients.)
  3. Like most products, some machines work better than others. Do not use a carpet steam machine that forces water in to your carpet. Chances are the machine is not strong enough to remove the water and you do not want water to sit in and on your carpet.

We have a specific carpet cleaning machine we recommend. Please email us to request information about the household carpet cleaning machine we recommend.

When it’s time for your routine professional cleaning, contact Carpet Cleaning Plus.  With no hidden fee rates, Carpet Cleaning Plus makes it easy to determine your investment before ever giving them a call! If it counts as a room when you purchased or sell your home, then it counts as a room when they clean it.  And there’s no additional fee for wool, berber, heavily soiled areas or pet stains.

Plus, now is the perfect time to take advantage of a special 10% discount being offered. Grab their Spring Special Offer and save 10% off carpet cleaning of $80 or more.

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Carpet Cleaning Plus in Cumming GA, Carpet cleaning in Cumming GA About: Specializing in Non-Toxic, child and pet friendly Carpet, Rug, & Upholstry Cleaning PLUS Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration.

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Spring Special Offer:
10% Coupon

Spring Cleaning Week: Tips from a Professional Roofing Company

The following is a guest post by the owners of Green Star Roofing, of Cumming GA.  While we don’t necessarily think of our roof in terms of “Spring Cleaning”, it is a season to certainly pay attention to our roof and the weather damage it may receive.

We are currently in the midst of Hail and Tornado season, and with hail already falling in parts of Georgia, the storm chasers have arrived.  It’s important to understand some information on hail damage, some facts about storm chasers, and the insurance process.

Hail damage is real.

  • Hail damage is not visible from the ground
  • Hail & Wind damage reduces the life of your roof
  • Unaddressed, water damage may occur
  • This damage will only be covered by your insurance for a limited time

And while hail damage is real, it is also an easy way to be tricked into filing unnecessary claims.  Many roofs have been replaced in the last 5 years because of the hail storms we have received.  However, many bad roofers have also pressured homeowners into filing unnecessary claims for their roof that received small hail, not large enough to actually damage their shingles.  This, in turn, has resulted in increased premiums for areas that did not have legitimate hail damage.  It is important to have a local roofer who you can trust assess your damage PRIOR to filing a claim.

If you do not have damage, a good roofer will tell you.  If you do have damage, a good roofer will meet with your adjuster and negotiate with your insurance carrier.

The Facts About Storm Chasers:

Storm work is one market that is always thriving somewhere.  Many contractors, known as “storm chasers”, follow storms each year, from one disaster to the next, profiting often through deception and dishonest business practices. Georgia is a highly unregulated State when it comes to roofing, which means consumers must do their own due diligence to protect themselves and their largest investment, their home.  Many of these out of state companies look good in the short term—they have professional marketing material, their salesmen are experts in charm and deception, their roofs go on fast—but in the long-term homeowners will pay the price.

The serious problems that will result from storm chasers and poor workmanship will not be obvious right away. By the time you identify your problems, the storm chasers will be a hurricane and five hail storms away, and you will be stuck with a leaking roof. That nice guy from “Cherokee County Roofing” will be long gone and is now working for “Alamo Roofing.” And you will be out of luck, often paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to fix your roof.

Insurance Claims 101:

Many homeowners are skeptical when hearing insurance is paying for someone’s roof replacement due to hail and wind storms, and for good reason.

But the truth is, storm damage is considered a catastrophic event and can void the warranty on your roof.  Because of this, insurance companies take it very seriously and will assign an adjuster to determine if a damaged roof is insurable.  If it is damaged, and therefore not insurable, they are required to replace the roof.

Common Indications that you may need a roof inspection:

  • Recent Hail or Wind storm
  • Water-stains on the ceiling
  • Roof debris on the ground after heavy winds
  • Rot, warping, or curling of existing roof material
  • Extreme moss build-up

Special Offer for Cumming Local Readers:

If you’ve experienced any of the common indications listed above, give Green Star Roofing a call.  You’ll receive a free on-site inspection.  If it’s determined that you’re in need of a replacement, you’ll receive $500 Off your New Roof Purchase (some restrictions may apply) or Free Ventilation Upgrade with New Roof Purchase.

Connect with Green Star Roofing

Web: www.GreenStarRoof.com
Phone: 678.722.1641
Email: contact@greenstarroof.com

About: Green Star Roofing specializes in Re-roofing, Claims Assistance & Representation, Emergency Tarps & Repairs, New Construction Roofing, Insulation & Gutter Systems.

Spring Cleaning Week: Tips from a Professional Organizer

The following is a guest post from Emily of Organization by Emily in Cumming, GA.

Top 5 Things to Focus on for Spring

For me, spring signifies renewal. So from an organizing perspective, I always look at it as a way to get back to basics, to simplify life and enjoy the feeling of hope that spring always instills in me. My top five tips for organizing and time management for the spring:

1. Figure out your values and priorities and then set appropriate goals. Write them down. Set SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  Give yourself a deadline and write them in a conspicuous place where you can refer to them often.

2. Identify your most important relationships and focus on those people. Make a point to spend time with them. Strive for deeper relationships. Get rid of relationships that drag you down or aren’t fulfilling to you. You can consider this “emotional de-cluttering.”

3. Get active and be healthy! With nicer weather coming soon (fingers crossed!), it is the perfect time to get out from behind the computer screen and enjoy being outside. Learn tennis or golf (please! I need someone to play with.) As you lose weight, you can consider this losing “body clutter” (thanks to my mentor, flylady.net, for that term.)

4. Get involved in your community, whether it is through your church, one of your kid’s activities, or volunteering for a cause such as recycling. It makes you feel good to give back to the community. As you give to those less fortunate, you become more grateful for what you have and are more willing to part with unnecessary items in your home.

5. Be thankful that the world is so large and diverse that there is always something new to learn and no excuse to be bored. Pick up a book. Remember that every day is an adventure!

When you remember that life isn’t about the stuff you have but the friends you keep, you can pare down and simplify your life. I can help.  Give me a call!

Special Offer to Cumming Local Readers:

Emily is offering one FREE hour of professional organization with a two-hour purchase.  Her rates are very reasonable so with a minimal investment & three hours of her time you’ll definitely be more organized!

Connect with Organization by Emily

Phone: 404-372-5488
Facebook / Web: www.facebook.com/organizationbyemily
Email: OrganizationbyEmily@gmail.com

Bio: Emily Stitt McMath is a professional organizer who works with both households and small businesses. She is dedicated to moving her clients from clutter and chaos to comfort and calm. She helps her clients create systems of organization throughout their homes or offices and routines to maintain the organization. She also coaches them to build new habits of setting priorities and time management.

Emily has always had a passion for organizing. That passion was first recognized when she took a quiz for her gifted and talented class in kindergarten and later when she lined up her little girl shoes in the closet. She decided to help others clean out their bad habits and kick their messy ways to the curb.  Her life motto is “Everyday is an adventure!”

Emily has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tulane University and an MBA from Webster University. She is a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers. She created her company, Organization by Emily, in 2009 when she ran out of things of her own to organize.

Spring Cleaning Week

Have you started “Spring Cleaning” at your house yet?  Already through your check list or is the concept not even on your radar?

We’re excited to have a week of local vendors lined up to help you on this “Spring” journey … wherever you might be on it.

Tune in tomorrow, as we kick off the series.  And join our great sponsors as their share some tips & tricks from their industry.

Here’s a little of what’s in store:

The Top 5 Things to Focus on for Spring:  Expert Tips from a Professional Organizer – Organization by Emily.

Using Household Carpet Steam Machines: Expert Tips from Carpet Cleaning Plus on When & How to Clean your carpets yourself.

Understanding Hail Damage: Expert Advice & Recommendations from Green Star Roofing.

Green Star Roofing Cumming GA

Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Practical Advice for the Modern Mom from the popular blogger i Dream of Clean.

Be sure to come back tomorrow when we officially kick off the week!  And in true Cumming Local fashion, we’ll have some fun offers and discounts lined up for each of you – our readers!

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