Cumming Fair – Tips to Enjoy

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Tips to Enjoy the Fair … and Ticket Giveaway

When my husband & I first moved to Cumming about eight years ago, we didn’t have any children and I had never been (or even heard of – gasp!) The Cumming Fair.

Fast forward eight years and I can assure you that my daughter, son, husband & myself definitely know about the Cumming Fair!  I actually avoid Castleberry Road as much as possible because it’s hard to explain to a six and three year old that the Fair isn’t coming back for several months!

But alas, the wait is over!!  The buckets are up, the entrance (pictured above) was being built just last week, and soon, we’ll see the rides and carnival games driving through town.  The countdown is on!

Last week, I posted the above picture on our Facebook page.  And I must say, I was surprised that some of you (not naming names!) have lived in Cumming as long as you have without having visited the Fair yet.  It’s most definitely an expense line on the budget, so I certainly understand if you choose not to go (for that reason or others).  But there are some good, practical ways to manage some of the costs you might incur.

Here are a few tips I’ve come to learn over the years (merely my personal opinions & suggestions):

1.  Purchase Advance Admission Tickets – The savings aren’t huge, but if you have to pay for several (kids or adults) then the savings can most definitely add up!  You can see the savings here.  But you need to hurry.  Advance ticket sales are only available through Friday, 9/30.

2.  Visit Free Admission Days (when available) – There are several free admission days throughout the 10-day period.  This is definitely a way to save some money.  My only caution with this, is that most people are going to take advantage of this, which means it’s probably going to be crowded.  So it’s a personal decision to weigh the cost vs. the crowd!   Click here to check out the Free Admission Days.

3. Visit on Pay One Price Rides (when available) – Several days you can purchase “Pay One Price” ride tickets.  This is basically a pay & play all day kind of ticket.  The tickets are non-transferable when you do this.   So my recommendation is to weigh out how many tickets your little one will need.  At first glance, it might make a lot of sense – and it might for most people.  But if your child doesn’t enjoy rides very much or if you know you won’t be there very long it could actually be a little more expensive.   However, if you or your child plan to ride late into the night – go for it!!   Click here to check out the Pay One Price Ride Days.

4.  Take advantage of 2 Ride for 1 Days (when available) – If you have two children similar in age & adventure level, then this could be perfect for you.  However, the biggest catch I remember with this one in year’s past is that they have to get on the ride at the same time.  I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old.  So they can’t ride too many of the same rides anymore.  Therefore this deal doesn’t end up helping us out too much.  But it might be perfect for you!  Click here to check out the 2 Ride for 1 Days.

5.  Save Three Bucks on Parking – Sure you can park right across from The Fairgrounds & get stuck in traffic coming & going.  But you could also save those $3 and park down the street somewhere, take an easy walk on the sidewalks & have an extra $3 for funnel cake!!!

6.  Don’t fall for the “Free Rides” trick – If it sounds too good to be true … you know the saying!  There are “Free Rides” on Saturday 10/8.  However, it’s only free from 10am to 11am.  We made the mistake of trying it one year and it was INSANE!  Just getting in was crazy, much less waiting in the lines and trying to get on ONE ride within that hour timeslot.  I imagine if you got in line at the crack of dawn and zipped to your favorite ride you might make it on a couple.  But if you’re with small kids, a stroller, and everything that goes along with it … you might end up more frustrated than anything.  Again – my opinion only!!

7.  Check Showtimes – There are lots of little attractions & shows going on throughout the fair – in addition to the bigger, headlining shows in the evening.  If you’re interested in catching some of the smaller ones, definitely be on the lookout for show times.  They will be posted on site and the day of the fair.  These are all free with Admission and can be a nice break for everyone!

8. Enjoy the FOOD – Fair food doesn’t have calories … right?  It’s fun.  It’s the fair.  I say enjoy it!  Then go on a good cleanse the next week;)

9.  Bring Your Patience – The Ride Attendants definitely aren’t paid by how many times they push the start button on the ride within an hour period!  For whatever reason the lines are never clear and often times cause confusion (if not fights).    And for whatever reason, rarely is the entrance to a ride different than the exit … can you tell these things drive this Type A personality crazy!!!  Maybe those things will be better this year … maybe?!

10.  Have Fun!! As I have to remind my kids … the fair only comes around once a year.  Enjoy it.  Take it.  It’s the start of all things Fall here in Cumming and a great time to enjoy with your friends & family.  So … enjoy!!

I forgot the most important Tip of All …. WIN TICKETS!!

At Sunday’s “Play at The Park“, we gave away a Family Pack of Admission Tickets to one lucky winner – big Congrats to “Suzie B.” – she has been contacted via email.

But now, we’re ready to give away ANOTHER Family Pack away!


2 Adult & 2 Children Admission Tickets to The Cumming Fair

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Fairy Tales Hair Care – Review Post w/ Giveaway

Update:  This giveaway is now closed.

fairy tales hair care for children

Back to school usually brings a lot of fun and exciting times – new friends, new teachers, new sports & activities.  Unfortunately, with the start of school some other not-s0-much fun things come as well – early mornings, sick kids, and lice.  Ugh.  Lice.

With just a six year old and a three old we have stayed clear of being infected with that so far, but I know as we enter Kindergarten our chances of catching it are likely increased.  And that does not sit well this mother!  Actually just thinking about that right now I get a little chill down my spine!  Does that happen to anyone else?

Earlier this year, I attended a conference at which time I was able to meet and be introduced to Fairy Tales Hair Care.  And I am so glad I did!  Until then, I thought you could only treat lice.  I had no idea you could actually do something to help prevent it.  I spoke with the Representative for a little while and she gave me a trial size version of their products to take home & try.  She said “take these & let me know what you think”.  I remember laughing & saying “well I hope I never have to tell you how they work”.

I shouldn’t have said that last part.  Because no joke, the same day I came home from the conference I came home to a letter in the mail from our church.  A case of lice had been reported in the Children’s Ministry.  Ugh!!!  I immediately broke open my Fairy Tales’ samples and started scrubbing both kids (and myself) down.  We continued to use the shampoo & conditioner until I couldn’t squeeze anymore out of the bottle!  And you know what?  We stayed lice free!

I thought we might get past that and then I’d go back to their normal shampoo & conditioner, but you know what?  I really like their product!  It’s made with a blend of organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree, anise, lavender & geranium oils so it smells wonderful!  And the conditioner works great on my daughter’s curly tangles.

Those that attended our Back To School Event were lucky to receive on their leave in conditioning sprays & I love spraying my son’s hair with this as he walks out the door each morning –  “a spray a day keeps the lice away”!

Fairy Tales offers a complete product line that goes beyond Hair Care and also includes Bed Bug Spray! Perfect for your spouse if he travels a lot or for family vacations.

Learn More about Fairy Tales Hair Care:

Fairy Tales Hair Care onlineFairy Tales Hair Care on FacebookFairy Tales Hair Care on TwitterShop Fairy Tales Hair Care


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Disclosure:  I was provided Fairy Tales Hair Care to try their products & facilitate this review; however, all comments & opinions are mine – I really do like the product.  It really does smell good.  And I really am continuing to use it!