Quiet the Wars: Overwhelming Co-Parenting Battles

Does Any Of The Following Resonate With You, A Friend, Or Family Member?

  • Has your low self-esteem or your confidence has taken a hit
  • Do you feel disconnected or unfulfilled with your relationships or remain in unhealthy ones
  • Are you having parenting issues regarding your children or with co-parenting
  • Are you struggling with negative messages that you keep tell yourself
  • Do you have difficulty with change, making decisions, control, and life transitions

The mission of Lotus Therapies is to be a place of help, hope, and healing. Here at Lotus Therapies you can start becoming a better parent, being a better decision maker, gaining a better relationships, gaining your own voice, feeling more balanced, being mindful or self and choices, feeling in control of things you can control, and loving yourself fully.

Lotus Therapies is presently Offering Group and Individual Therapy and Coaching
for Women, Men, Parents, Couples, Teen Girls in Forsyth and Gwinnett County

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs anyone ever takes on. Our connection with our children and how we choose to raise them will impact their lives forever. Lotus Therapies offers access to volunteer and mandated parenting and co-parenting classes. These are good for clients needing child rearing skills to be completed for social services, court-ordered parenting classes, probation, or just for personal growth to create and maintain a good, healthy relationship with your child.

Lotus Therapies is currently offering a co-parenting group for parents that are facing special challenges as a parent with his/her ex, within their relationship or during their separation, divorce or when creating a blended family.  The co-parenting group is a beneficial option for individuals because it is cost-effective, helps you relate to others and yourself in healthier ways, give and receive support from fellow group members while finding your voice. This group allows parents an opportunity to talk about the challenges with adjusting to co-parenting, the best interests of their children in a neutral environment, work through issues that are causing conflict in their co-parenting relationship, finding stability for themselves and their children, and parental self-care. If you’re ready to allow your kids to have a loving connection with both parents and to create a healthy co-parenting relationship please click the link for more information. www.lotusctr.net/coparenting


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