Disney Decisions

The following is a post from Contributing Writer & Cumming Local Sponsor, Jenny Reed. Through her business – Our Cruise Planner, Jenny helps her clients in Cumming and nationwide take the vacations of their dreams. Jenny is also a former Cast Member at Disney World in Orlando Fl – she can most definitely help your family find the magic of a Disney Vacation! Let Jenny take the hassle out of your next getaway – on land or at sea!

Jenny will be with us all week – she’s sharing “Disney Decisions” – helping guide you through land OR sea with the Mouse?  She’ll share things to consider and tips from Attractions & Entertainment to Accommodations, Character Appearances and Dining!  Make sure you check out her article each day to not miss out!

disney decisions

Disney Decisions … with help from a Disney Travel Expert

There is nothing more magical than a Disney vacation with your family! But deciding what to do and where to go can be a daunting task. So which do you choose – a Disney World resort vacation or a Disney cruise?

While both offer the Disney experience we expect and enjoy, each type of vacation has its advantages. So let’s explore several categories (and tips) to help make the decision a little easier.


When staying on property at Disney World there are 5 Value Resorts, 4 Moderate Resorts, 8 Deluxe Resorts and 8 Home Away From Home Resorts. Wow 23 resorts to choose from!

Guests staying at any Disney owned resorts who are flying into the Orlando airport can take advantage of Magical Express. This complimentary service shuttles you to and from your Disney resort and the airport. There’s Disney’s Extra Magic Hours for resort guests as well. Each day one of the Disney Theme Parks opens an hour early or remains open for three additional hours exclusively for Disney resort guests. In addition, guests staying at Disney Resorts can use the buses, monorails and/or water ferries to get to their destination or park free at the parks.

From budget-friendly resort rooms to 2 bedroom villas with a view of the savannah at Animal Kingdom or a theme park view, there are many options to choose from for all budgets.

On the four Disney Cruise Line cruise ships that sail 3, 4, 5 and 7-night cruises year round, guests can choose an inside cabin (with virtual port holes!) to a suite as well as the destination and length of the cruise. Disney Cruise Line designed most staterooms with families in mind with split bathrooms making it easier for busy families to get ready for the day. For an extra treat, try a stateroom with a private balcony to give you the perfect ocean view!

TIP: When choosing a stateroom on a Disney cruise, be aware of what decks are above and below your stateroom.

Have an “Accommodations” Question for Jenny?

Do you have a question to help you make a “Disney Decision”?  Have a specific question about staying on property or on a cruise ship?  Share in the comments below and we’ll make sure Jenny sees it.  Or reach out to Jenny directly at the contact links provided below.

If you happen to be headed to Disney World already, check out Jenny’s Magical Disney Tips.

Connect with Jenny:

Travel Planner in Cumming GAEmail – Jenny@OurCruisePlanner.com

Online – www.OurCruisePlanner.com

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/OurCruisePlanner

Twitter – www.Twitter.com/TheTravelExpert

Phone – 678.947.5115

Sponsor Spotlight: Summer Co-ed Programs with i9 Sports

i9 sports

Sponsor Spotlight:  Summer Co-ed Programs with i9 Sports

We’re excited to have i9 Sports as a current sponsor of our website.  If you haven’t checked into their programs yet, I hope this article will help you learn more and see all they have to offer in our community this summer!

In the midst of your summer planning, did you take note of all the Summer Programs that i9 Sports has to offer?  My son will be participating in his first (in fact our family’s first) i9 Program this summer and we’re definitely looking forward to it.

The best thing I like about the program is that NO weekend commitment is required for the summer leagues.  Weekends can be spent by the pool, lake or at the beach without missing games.

Events are coming up quickly, but registrations are taken until sold out, so if you see something your family might be interested there may still be time!!

photo 2

Summer Coed Basketball League:
Dates: Tuesday Evenings, June 4th – July 15th
Location: Friendship Christian School (3149 Old Atlanta Rd. Suwanee)
Practices and Game times are between 5:00pm-10:00pm (2 hrs per player)
Ages 5-10
$165 After May 5th – (registrations are Taken Until Sold Out)
Registration includes: 7-8 weeks of play, a Jersey, medal, and trophy
Practices and Games are the same day — (No Weekend commitment)
Visit www.i9sports.com/ or call (678) 731-9009 to register or get more information

Summer Coed Flag Football: 
Dates: Wednesday Evenings, June 5th – July 16th
Location: Midway Park “Turf fields”( 5100 Post Rd. Cumming, Ga. 30040)
Practices and Game times are between 5pm-10pm (about 2 hrs per player)
Kids Ages 4-11
$155 – (Late Registration) Registrations are Taken Until Sold Out
Registration includes: 7-8 wks of play, reversible Jersey, flag belt, medal, and trophy.
Practices and Games are the same day – (No Weekend commitment)
Visit www.i9sports.com or call 678-731-9009 to register or get more information

Summer Coed Soccer League: 
Dates: Thursday Evenings, June 6th – Aug 1st
Location: Midway Park “Turf fields”( 5100 Post Rd. Cumming, Ga. 30040)
Practices and Game times are between 5pm-10pm (about 2 hrs per player)
Kids Ages 3-9
$155 – (Late Registration) Registrations are Taken Until Sold Out
Registration includes: 7 wks of play, reversible Jersey, medal, and trophy.
Practices and Games are the same day – (No Weekend commitment)
Visit www.i9sports.com or call 678-731-9009 to register or get more information

photo 3

Summer Multi-Sports Camps

Summer Multi-Sports Camps: 
Days: Monday- Friday.
Location: Windermere Lodge “Grass Fields” (4444 Front Nine Dr. Cumming, Ga)
Kids Ages 5-11
Registration Fee (The earlier you register, the more you can save)
Half Day Camp : 9am- 12pm, $160
Full Day Camp: 9am – 3pm, $200

June Camp Dates:

Week 1: June 17th-21st
Week 2: June 24th-28th

July Camp Dates:

Week 1: July 15th-19th
Week 2: July 22nd-26th

Registration includes: 5 days of play, i9 Sports Camp Shirt, Pizza on Fridays, a Water Bottle and Fun For Your Child.
Visit http://www.i9sports.com/ or call (678) 731-9009 to register or get more information


Summer Coed Advanced Basketball Skills Clinic:

Dates: Monday Evenings,  June 3rd – July 8th, 2013
Location: St. Francis HS (13440 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta, Ga. 30004)
Grades 5th-12th
Clinic will be held on Monday of each week, 3hours per session.

$275 – Registration fee

Registration will include 6 weeks of play, a participation t-shirt.

photo 4

More Information:

Visit http://www.i9sports.com/ or call (678) 731-9009 to register or get more information.

Boost Your Immune System This Spring & Summer

Boost Your Immunity

The following is a post from Contributing Writer, Dr. Kristin Marchman.  Dr. Marchman is a Licensed Chiropractor at Essential Wellness in Cumming, GA.  And we are thankful to have Essential Wellness as a current website sponsor for Cumming Local.

Boost Your Immune System This Spring and Summer

The beautiful spring weather has officially arrived here in Georgia and, if you are anything like me, the last thing you want is to be stuck indoors due to an illness in your family.  Tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season run rampant, but these tips tend to be less prevalent once the weather warms up.  Since we unfortunately are not exempt to illness once warmer weather arrives, I would like to share some natural ways to boost your immune system this spring and summer.

The best way to avoid illness is not about avoiding everyone around you who is “sick,” but more about maintaining a healthy, well-functioning immune system. By keeping your immune system in optimal working order, you become far less likely to acquire an illness, and if you do, you are better prepared to move through it without complications and return back to optimal health more quickly.  

Here are some tips for staying healthy this spring and summer:

  • Get outside.  Recent research has shown that optimizing your vitamin D levels is one of the best ways to naturally fight disease.  Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy with your family after a walk and soak up those rays of sunshine.  If sun exposure is limited, an oral vitamin D3 supplement is the next best option.
  • Get active.  This is a great thing to do outside while soaking up some Vitamin D.  Find out what your family likes to do outdoors and have fun with it. Walks, bike riding, and skating are great ideas as well as many outdoor sports that can be played as a family.  Exercise increases your circulation and blood flow throughout the body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which allows it to function optimally. As always, be sure to stay hydrated.  Water is best and coconut water is a great natural alternative to sugary sports drinks.
  • Get adjusted.  Chiropractic isn’t just for back pain and headaches.  By keeping the spine aligned, you are not only helping your nervous system function at 100%, but your immune system as well.
  • Get the right foods in your stomach.  Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day and buy organic and local when possible.  Spring and summer are the perfect times to find local produce in the area.  Also, do your best to avoid sugar and processed foods. Sugar impairs the quality of your immune response almost immediately.  It also can decimate your beneficial bacteria and feed pathogenic yeast and viruses. Sugar can be consumed in moderation if you are healthy, but the last thing you should be eating when you aren’t feeling well is sugar.
  • Get your gut flora levels on track. The bacteria in your gut have enormous control of your immune response. The best way to improve your beneficial bacteria ratio is to avoid sugars, as they feed pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, processed foods and many grains should be limited and replaced with healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, eggs, and nuts. A quality probiotic supplement will replenish the “good” bacteria that your body needs.
  • Get natural antibiotics to use if needed. Examples of these include garlic, colloidal silver, and coconut oil. These work like broad-spectrum antibiotics against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in your body. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, they do not lead to resistance and have less, if any, side effects.
  • Get plenty of rest. Our bodies need sleep to regenerate and re-energize each night.  Just as it becomes harder to accomplish daily tasks when you are tired, it is much harder to fight illness when the body is overly fatigued.
  • Get to know the best tools to address the stresses in your life. We all face stress every day, but when stress becomes overwhelming, your body becomes less able to fight illness.  Whether you turn to prayer, exercise, or relaxation techniques when you need to de-stress, find something that works well for you.
  • Get happy.  It sounds cliché, but a positive mental attitude can do a lot for your health.  Do something that makes you happy every day, whether it’s a random act of kindness to brighten someone’s day or simply thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for and taking a moment to remember all of them.

My goal as a chiropractor is not only to keep my patients pain free, but also to help them achieve their best level of health.  I believe that following the above guidelines will help to keep your immune system functioning at its optimal level this spring and summer, so you can fully enjoy the upcoming warm months with your family.  

Dr. Kristin Marchman

Contact Dr. Marchman

Phone: 470-522-7801
Facebook | Website 

Located at 5830 Clarion Street (Vickery Village) Cumming, GA 30040



Sponsor Spotlight: North Georgia Vein Institute

Cumming Local is pleased to spotlight our website Sponsor – North Georgia Vein Institute.   We’ve enjoyed learning more about their facility and services and hope you do to.

North Georgia Vein Institute

Sponsor Spotlight:  North Georgia Vein Institute

For the last couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of the team at North Georgia Vein Institute in Cumming, GA.  And I have very quickly picked up on one thing – they are wealth of information when it comes to the treatment of varicose & spider veins!

I have spider veins – I’ve had them for many, many years.  I’ve actually been to two practices over the years for consultations about having the veins treated, but honestly I left each of them unimpressed, unsure of what was involved and somewhat scared too!!  However, I recently sat down with Barbara Smart, manager of North Georgia Vein Institute and I can honestly say I left knowledgeable about the process and excited to one day (hopefully soon) get treatment!  She actually explained the process from start to finish in a way that was understandable – in real language – not all doctor talk!   I was very thankful for that.

In fact, she told me later that she probably told me much more than I ever wanted to know, but it’s because she really enjoys working with the services they provide – she enjoys her work & what she does!   But that attitude seems to go through the entire team – it’s how North Georgia Vein wants to run their practice in general – they want to be personal, take the time to take care of you.  So you don’t feel like a number or file chart.  And they know they’re helping people in the process!

Do you have spider or varicose veins?

If you have spider or varicose veins, you can easily check out what North Georgia Vein has to offer – through their free consultations & screenings.

In a Free Vein Screening, a basic visual screening is done and a medical history is taken by a nurse or medical technologist to help determine possible causes of the problems you are experiencing.  A detailed discussion takes place addressing your concerns and issues. Then a brief ultrasound scan of the legs is done. This will determine if you have venous insufficiency.

Based upon these preliminary findings the team at North Georgia Vein will help you determine next steps.  And more times than not, those next steps involve insurance.  Approximately 97% of their patience have procedures that are paid for by insurance.  North Georgia Vein will help with that entire process – from pre-certification to possible appeals, and making sure you understand your benefits, co-pays, and co-insurance.

Not only will you receive support from the business side of things, but most importantly you’ll receive treatment under the care of Dr. Peter Wrobel – a skilled physician experienced in diagnosing and treating vein disorders for 18 years.  Whether you suffer from spider or varicose veins due to heredity, obesity, or your profession, Dr. Wrobel has studied all types of diagnosis and care.  Through his practice he’s committed to “renewing the way you look & feel”!

Schedule a FREE Consultation & Screening:

Contact North Georgia Vein Institute to schedule your free vein screening on one of the follow upcoming dates:

  • Friday April 19th & Saturday April 20th
  • Friday April 26th
  • Fridays, May 3rd , 10th , 17th & 24th
  • Saturdays, May 4th, 18th

Take Advantage of the Wellness Facility:

While you’re there, be sure to check out all the other great Med-Spa services that you can receive under the same roof!  From BOTOX and JUVEDERM® to esthetician services like facials, microdermabrasion, body scrubs, massages and even weight loss and chiropractic services under Dr. Michael Klein – the facility has everything you need to help you look & feel your very best!

And it’s perfect timing to take advantage of these Spring 2013 Specials:

  • Botox – normally $12 unit is $9.50

  • Juvederm – normally $425 is $375

  • Sclerotherapy – normally $300 is $149

  • Custom Facial – normally $90 is $65

  • HCG Weight Loss Program – normally $699 is $499

Connect with North Georgia Vein Institute:

North Georgia Vein Institute

2950 Buford Hwy
Cumming GA 30041
Phone:  678.513.1300

Visit North Georgia Vein Institute Online
Like North Georgia Vein Institute on Facebook


{Sponsored Post – North Georgia Vein Institute is a Cumming Local Website Sponsor}

Taste of Forsyth 2013 in Cumming GA

Taste of Forsyth 2013 in Cumming GA

Taste of Forsyth 2013 in Cumming GA

The weekend is finally here!  It’s time for the Taste of Forsyth 2013 in Cumming GA at the Cumming Fairgrounds.  So much food & fun packed into one day!

Event Details:

Saturday, March 30th – 11am to 6pm
Cumming Fairgrounds – 235 Castleberry Road, Cumming GA 30040

  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Admission
  • FREE Egg Hunts compliments of Automation Direct
  • FREE Live Entertainment

The Cumming Fairgrounds will be packed with families to enjoy one of three egg hunts, live entertainment and food from 20 restaurants in Forsyth and the surrounding communities during the 2013 Taste of Forsyth presented by Superior Plumbing.

The largest egg hunt in Cumming with more than 25,000 eggs, sponsored by Automation Direct will offer the following times:

  • 11:30am – Children 3 & Under
  • 12:30pm – Children 4 to 7 years
  • 1:30pm – Children 8 to 10 years.

Get there early for each egg hunt, eggs go quick!

Before, during and after the egg hunts, enjoy the acoustic sounds of Scott Thompson and food from 20 restaurants including:

  • Mellow Mushroom Pizza
  • Panera Bread
  • Kani House
  • Foster House
  • McAlister’s Deli
  • Castleberry Ale House
  • Mia ristorante Italiano
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Fox’s Pizza Den
  • Deep Fried Brownies
  • Rio Balsas Taqueria
  • Tam’s Backstage
  • Taste Jamaica
  • Blue Ribbon Foods
  • Shannon’s Little Sugars
  • Williamson Bros. BBQ
  • Creations Bakery
  • Bruster’s Real Ice Cream
  • Bob’s Lemonade
  • Shaved Ice

Restaurants will be selling samples ranging from $1 to $4.

Entertainment & Kid’s Zone

Children & adults of all ages can enjoy the incredible talents of Peter Hart, of Atlanta Puppet, during his puppet shows, a huge kid’s zone (quad bungee, rockwall, inflatable slides, bounces, a trackless train & much more), and you can climb on trucks and equipment big and small at the Touch-A-Truck.

More Information:

Visit www.CummingFair.net or call 770.423.1330
Directions – 400 North to Exit 15 and turn left.  Continue straight through four traffic lights.  Turn left at the 5th light, Highway 20 East.  At the first light, turn right on Castleberry Road.  Fairgrounds are on Right.

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Girl’s Night Out with Dream Dinners in Cumming GA: The Recap

Girl’s Night Out with Dream Dinners in Cumming GA: The Recap

Last week we descended back on Dream Dinners of Cumming, GA for our second GNO of the year!   We don’t normally go back to a spot that quickly, but when the first one sells out in less than 48 hours and you have a waiting list of ladies asking if we can go back, you make an exception!!  And it definitely doesn’t hurt to know that everyone will have a great time … and great food too!

Once again the team at Dream Dinners in Cumming, GA, lead by owners Leslie & Deana, were wonderful! Each of our attendees was able to select 3 meals at the time of their registration. Upon arriving the evening of the event, everyone was provided with their personalized folder full of recipe cards, supplies, and Dream Dinner information.

We were given a brief demo about the process and then put to work to assemble our meals!   Once again – no messes to clean, no dishes to wash, no food to dice, chop or slice!!  If you’ve never read my recap of the entire Dream Dinners process, you should definitely click here to check it out.

We ate some delicious food, won some giveaways, enjoyed time with friends and left with three meals ready to be cooked for our families!

Dream Dinners Girl's Night Out

Back in January I prepared 36 servings on Saturday morning (talk about a productive morning)!!  I left knowing these things:

Dream Dinners saved me time, money, and

brought peace back to the dinner prep hour!! 

And I know so many ladies from both our January GNO with Dream Dinners and our February event feel the same way.  They’ve told me!  And many of them have already been back (even several times) to make more great meals for their family.

Are you ready to give Dream Dinners a Try?

Dream Dinners is hosting their own “Taste of Dream Dinners” event on Tuesday, March 19th.  This is basically the same type of event that we hosted – you’ll get to select three meals for just $24.95.  Click here for more information on this event.

Dream Dinners of Cumming
539 Lake Center Pkwy
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: 770.887.4141

Like Dream Dinners of Cumming on Facebook
Visit Dream Dinners of Cumming Online
Click here to join the March 19th “Taste of Dream Dinners Event”

All photos courtesy of Dream Dinners Cumming.  Click here for lots more pictures from our GNO Event at Dream Dinners.

Want to Attend our Next GNO?

Don’t miss out! Make sure you receive our daily newsletter so you’ll stay up to date on the most recent news for families in Cumming/Forsyth County – including our popular Girl’s Night Out Events. Click here to sign up. News of our next event is just around the corner!!



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Sponsor Spotlight: Dream Dinners in Cumming GA Forsyth County

Dream Dinners:  Review of a true “dream”

Do you have that dreaded 5 o’clock hour in your house?  Surely it isn’t just me!   You know that hour when everyone’s hungry, everyone’s a little cranky, and everyone needs your attention all at the exact same time.  You’re trying your hardest to chop vegetables, boil water, and brown some meat all while being tugged at your shirt and hearing “MOM” from across the house!

Surely, it isn’t just me!!

I am so happy to report that dreaded hour has been SO much easier the last week.

At my house, I make chicken for dinner not “Creamy Chicken Risotto“.  We have Mexican Night which means tacos, not Arroz con Pollo!  And we’ll grill Salmon, but I’ve never made “Parmesan Pesto Salmon with Cheese Crisps“.  I’m not a good cook (seriously – I can mess up a boiled egg) and while I LOVE looking through food pictures on Pinterest, by the time I read the recipe and see I don’t have half the spices and herbs needed I’ll close the computer and stick with my tacos!

So, when Dream Dinners of Cumming invited me to try their menu and create some meals I was all on board!   With the Dream Dinners service, you select your recipes online and then show up to prepare your meals.  All the shopping and much of the prep work is already done.  You assemble the meals and leave with food to stock your freezer! 

There were no messes to clean, no dishes to wash, no food to dice, chop or slice!   All that work was done by the Dream Dinners team – truly … a dream!!

They say with Dream Dinners you’ll save both time & money. 

Here’s my personal take:

Will Dream Dinners save  you time?  I went to Dream Dinners of Cumming on a Saturday morning at 9:30am.  I had 36 servings to make which worked out to 9 different meals.  When I arrived, Deanna (co-owner) gave me a clipboard with all my pre-chosen meals, ziplock bags and instruction cards.  After washing my hands & hearing a brief set of instructions I was free to start assembling!  In about an hour and a half I was checking out.  90 minutes for 9 meals!  And I was chatting with my sister and another friend in there at the same time.  So I’m sure I could cut that time if I wanted to.  So, yes – Dream Dinners saved me LOTS of time!

Will Dream Dinners save you money?  Prices will vary depending on the meals you select, but when I crunched the numbers all meals I prepared for my family were less than $5 per serving.  And a lot of the meals were under $4 per serving.  Plus, I wasn’t at the grocery store throwing unnecessary things in my cart.  I didn’t have to stock up on a bunch of spices and herbs that will go bad before I need them again and I didn’t have waste!  So, yes – Dream Dinners will definitely save me money!

Extra benefits from having a freezer stocked of dinners …

The 5 o’clock hour can be peaceful again:  The prep work is minimal for the majority of the meals I assembled.  A few meals have required me warming them up on the stove top, but several have just been baked in the oven.  Either way, taking out the chopping, measuring and mixing has been great!

There are less dishes to clean:  Again, since you’re not measuring and mixing there are less bowls, measuring cups, spoons and mixers to clean up.  And some meals are even assembled in aluminum trays so clean up involves throwing them in the garbage!

We’ve broadened our horizons:   As I said earlier I am pretty basic when it comes to cooking, so we’ve been eating a lot more flavorful meals since my visit to Dream Dinners!

Portion Control:  As most of you know, we’re a family of four but my children are still young – 7 and 4.  So the 3-serving meals have been great for us.  My husband & I each get one serving and the kids will split one.  Sometimes the portions are just right and sometimes we’ve even had some left overs.  But if you’re dieting or trying to watch how much you eat, this is great for portion control.  And if you’re trying to watch what you eat, they have lots of “Heart Healthy” options to choose from on their Menu.

Are you ready to give Dream Dinners a Try?

Connect with Dream dinners & you’ll find several options including an Introductory offer to get started!

Dream Dinners of Cumming
539 Lake Center Pkwy
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone:  770.887.4141

Like Dream Dinners of Cumming on Facebook
Visit Dream Dinners of Cumming Online

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Sponsor Spotlight: Saturia Nail Salon in Cumming, GA

 Saturia Nails in Cumming GA Forsyth County

Sponsor Spotlight:  Saturia Nail Salon in Cumming, GA

I first learned about Saturia Nails in December of last year.  The owner, V, contacted me after one of her regular customers shared our website with her.  I’m so grateful when our readers share our site with their favorite businesses!

When I announced on Facebook that we would be spotlighting our new friends at Saturia Nails, so many of you jumped online to say that you loved Saturia!  I knew I had good opinions about Saturia Nails, but I loved that so many of you already had great opinions too.

Then, right before Christmas, I went in as a customer for the first time.  And I quickly learned all the good comments that our Facebook fans raved about were true in my opinion too.  I’ve been back twice now as a customer & both times I’ve observed the same things – a clean environment, attentive service, and most enjoyable for me – real conversations!  At every station, the technicians were having conversations with their customers.  One visit I chatted the entire time with my technician about ski slopes in North Carolina.  Their regular customers were greeted with big hello’s and those were followed up with questions about family & the holidays.

So, a great in-store experience AND my nails looked great when I left and I’m a happy customer!

Save at Saturia Nails:

If you haven’t tried Saturia Nails before, it’s definitely worth a visit.  Plus we have some great coupons on our site right now to help save you some money.  Click here to print your coupons and save at Saturia Nails.

Saturia Nails in Cumming GA

Connect with Saturia Nails:

5067 Post Road, Cumming GA 30040
(Located inside the Midway Family Festival Shopping Center)
Like Saturia Nails on Facebook
Phone:  770.292.9220

Click here for Saturia Nails Coupons

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, yet all opinions are my own.

Enter to Win Carrie Underwood Tickets

carrie underwood ticket giveaway

Enter to Win Carrie Underwood Tickets

Are you a Carrie Underwood fan?  Or do you have one in your family?  Keepsake Boutique is stuffing one lucky winner’s stocking early this year with a pair of Carrie Underwood Concert Tickets on the FLOOR!

Tickets are for the December 19th, 2012 Show at 7:30pm at The Arena at Gwinnett Center.

To Enter:

It costs nothing to enter.  All you have to do is stop in at Keepsake and simply sign up to win!  The contest will run from November 10th through December 14th.  One entry per person.  For full official details, please contact Keepsake Boutique.

About Keepsake Boutique:

While you’re visiting Keepsake to enter for these amazing tickets, I have a feeling you’ll want to browse around!  Probably even try a few things on!  Keepsake is a trendy little boutique offering a fun collection of great clothing & accessories.  And the prices are great!

The owners of Keepsake Boutique generously donated several giveaway items for our recent Food Drive event.  They are also co-sponsoring our upcoming Girl’s Night Out Event at Glazed & Fired and helping fill our “Swag Bag” with some great goodies!

And when you stop in, make sure you tell them you saw them on Cumming Local!

Connect with Keepsake Boutique:

5155 Atlanta Hwy 9, Alpharetta GA (Forsyth County) 30004
Located across from the Midway Meal House

Open:  Wednesday – Saturday, 11:30am – 6:30pm
Phone:  678.856.7965

Like Keepsake on Facebook
And also become “Friends” with Keepsake on Facebook for exclusive coupons, specials, and the latest information on current and upcoming contests and products.

Keepsake Boutique Forsyth County

Disclosure:   This article is a paid advertisement.  Giveaway is not provided by Cumming Local but rather Keepsake Boutique. All questions about winners and forms of entry should be directed to Keepsake.  While this giveaway is being promoted on Facebook, it is in no way associated with, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook. By entering this giveaway, you acknowledge this and release Facebook from any responsibility of such. Furthermore, you acknowledge that any information provided for entry is being provided to Keepsake Boutique, not Cumming Local or Facebook.

Sponsor Spotlight: St. Marlo Holiday Bazaar

St Marlo Holiday Bazaar

Cumming Local readers are invited to join in the festivities of the 8th Annual St. Marlo Holiday Bazaar & Gift Boutique.  This event is open to the public.  Choose from a wide variety of unique handmade gifts, specialty products and various services from over 40 Vendors.  Shop for the holidays and help support local small independent businesses.

Holiday Bazaar & Gift Boutique

Thursday, November 15th    5-8pm
Friday, November 16th   10-3pm

FREE Admission

7755 St. Marlo Country Club Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097
Phone:  (770) 495-7725

Click here for directions

Sponsored Spotlight