Introducing Essential Wellness Chiropractic at Vickery Village

Essential Wellness

Introducing Essential Wellness Chiropractic at Vickery Village

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Marchman for over a year now for chiropractic care. Chiropractic care has made a HUGE difference in my overall health as well as my family’s health. I’m truly one of Dr. Marchman’s biggest fans. She is an excellent chiropractor and a dear friend! And as a bonus, my kids absolutely adore her. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share with you a special message from Dr. Marchman today.

The following is an announcement from Dr. Marchman of (formerly) Vickery Chiropractic:  

“I am so excited to share the new branding of my chiropractic office.  Allow me to introduce you to Essential Wellness Chiropractic!  I have NOT moved locations, we are still in the same building in Vickery Village.  But we have a new name, new number, new website, even new staff and new software!  The name comes from two words –  essential means “absolutely necessary” and wellness is defined as “an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.”  If you know me, you know this defines my goal to a tee!  I truly believe God put me on this earth to serve as a chiropractor in hopes of not only decreasing pain for individuals, but also increasing wellness of families in my community.  Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and it is my honor and privilege to help people do just that.  As always, thank you for your support!”

Whether you’ve never been to a chiropractor or you’re looking for a new-to-you doctor, if you give Essential Wellness Chiropractic care with Dr. Marchman a chance, I have a feeling you’ll find her to be very warm, knowledgeable & professional.  She is always incredibly timely with her appointments – which is very important when you’re talking about sitting in a waiting room with children! Below you will find the ways to contact Essential Wellness Chiropractic & Massage at Vickery Village.

Essential Wellness Chiropractic & Massage:

Essential Wellness

New contact information –

New number: 470-522-7801
New website:
Facebook page:

Located at 5830 Clarion Street (Vickery Village) Cumming, GA 30040


Rhea Lana’s Spring Sale in Forsyth County

Rhea Lana’s Spring Sale in Forsyth County

We are excited to share with you the ALL the details about Rhea Lana’s Spring Sale in Forsyth County!

  • When: Sunday, March 26th to Thursday, March 30th (The private pre-sale day on Saturday, March 25th)
  • Where: Lakewood 400 Antiques Market – 1321 Atlanta Highway (Hwy 9), Cumming

Click here for the sale hours

Rhea Lana’s Cumming is one of my very favorite consignment sales in Forsyth County and Cumming GA. I thought today it would be fun for me to share with you my TOP TEN reasons why I love Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sales!

{These reasons are in no particular order}

#1 – Rhea Lana’s Cumming Consignment Sales Are HUGE!

Seriously, thousands of clothes, shoes, toys, athletic equipment, and so much more! This sale is held inside the Lakewood Antique Market and it takes up one whole side. This time around it’s spring themed. That means swimsuits, Easter outfits, outdoor toys, and much more!

#2 – The Items For Sale Are In Excellent Condition.

Rhea Lana’s Cumming has excellent guidelines for all of their items. You can take a look at their guidelines by clicking here.

#3 – The Pricing Of The Items For Sale Is Just Right!

I feel that Rhea Lana’s does a great job helping you price your items correctly. It ends up being a win-win situation. As a consignor, you make money right before Spring Break. And as a purchaser, you can get some good deals on clothes, toys, and much more!

#4 – As a Consignor, You Can Track Your Sales Online LIVE!

No more wondering where your sales are at. With Rhea Lana’s Cumming, you can track your sales as they are happening!

#5 – Rhea Lana’s Cumming Guarantee All Items Against Loss Or Theft.

Isn’t this wonderful? If you consign any items, you can know with 100% certainty your items are safe until they are sold.

#6 – They Support Local Businesses By Helping To Market Them.

You can either put postcards in goody bags or set up a vendor booth during the sale. Contact Tara for more information at

#7 – Rhea Lana’s Cumming Cares About Moms-To-Be

As a mom-to-be you can get a free pass to go to the pre-sale. This is awesome because you will get to be one of the first to shop before it opens up to the public. Click here to get an early pass to the pre-sale.

#8 – There’s A VIP Option For Moms That Want To Consign But Don’t Have Time.

Interested in learning more or setting this up? Contact Tara at for more information.

#9 – As A Consignor You Can Earn Up To 70%-80% Of The Sale Price.

The average consignor makes around $270. And you will get paid on March 31st, that’s just in time for Spring Break in Forsyth County. Their database is NOW OPEN to consignors so get started and enter your items by clicking here.

#10 – The Heart Of Rhea Lana’s Cumming Is All About Service.

Their mission statement is “To serve with love and integrity families everywhere with inviting, excellent and valuable children’s consignment events.”

More information about Rhea Lana’s:

Rhea Lana’s Cumming is a semi-annual (one in spring and one in fall) children’s consignment event. We provide families the opportunity shop for and/or sell their gently used, excellent quality children’s clothing, baby equipment, furniture, shoes, toys, maternity clothes and much much more. Consigners can price their items and track their sales online throughout the sale week and then received a check for 70% of their sales on the final day. They may also pick up their unsold items on the final day or choose to donate them to a local charity. We guarantee all items. These events are very organized, our items are top notch, and we strive to offer a great shopping experience for everyone.

Connect with Rhea Lana’s Cumming: Website | Facebook | Twitter.


Sweet, Sinful and Safe Goodies from The Sweet Home Bakery

Sweet, Sinful and Safe Goodies from The Sweet Home Bakery

Located in Forsyth County, Cynthia Baker of The Sweet Home Bakery offers up wonderful treats you can’t resist.

Living with any sort of intolerance or allergy is NO LONGER a sentence to life without delectable deserts. I’m excited to introduce to you, Cynthia from The Sweet Home Bakery. She has a dedicated Gluten Free, Tree Nut Free, Peanut Free, Coconut Free kitchen where she creates freshly baked, mouth watering, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts and rustic pies just for YOU! Each of her made-to-order items are a small batch, crafted from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients from safe and dedicated sources.  She likes to say that if “I wouldn’t eat it everyday, I won’t use it in my baked goods.

Cynthia focuses on using ingredients that are dense in nutrition and flavor. Organic milk, sweet cream butter, fresh eggs, rich chocolate, and NON-GMO mineral & vitamin fortified Gluten Free flour blend means wonderful textures and flavor that is often BETTER than its wheat based counterpart.  The Sweet Home Bakery even has a seasonal menu which means the tasty delights are made with fresh local ingredients like delicious Georgia peaches, berries and apples.

Clean eating is a wonderful thing, but life needs a little indulgence now and again!  The Sweet Home Bakery is here to help with that. Even if you don’t have any allergies or intolerances, these treats are more nutrient dense, healthier, and more natural. I might even be as bold to say they are good for you 🙂 Of course, just my opinion! But one bite and just like me you will be saying “I can’t believe these are gluten free, dairy, and/or nut free.”

SPECIAL FOR CUMMING LOCAL READERS: You can receive $5 off your first order. Be sure to mention you heard about The Sweet Home Bakery from Cumming Local. 

Connect with The Sweet Home Bakery Online:  Website | Menu | Facebook
Email –

More About Cynthia, The Sweet Home Bakery:

As a diagnosed Celiac, with life threatening food allergies, I understand firsthand the frustration of never being able to just waltz into a bakery and buy something to sink your teeth into.  I also know too well what it’s like to have a fun evening with friends turn into a horrible night in the ER.

I was diagnosed prior to food labeling regulations.  Eating out was trial and lots of error. There were no physicians who could point me in the right direction to regaining my health, so I began studying alternative medicine and nutrition.  My eventual practice as a Professional Herbalist employing functional medicine, gave me years of clinical experience using the nutrition of real food to optimize health.  I authored The Get Real Cookbook, to help my clients find a solid foothold and thrive.  Clean eating is a wonderful thing, but life needs a little indulgence now and again!  The Sweet Home Bakery is here to help with that.

5 Reasons Mama Needs A Time Out at Bliss Mama Wellness

time outMoms: Let’s all unite and say this together “Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.” Isn’t that the truth? I remind myself of it all the time. We have a very hard job being the mommy of the household. We make sure our families eat, sleep & stay alive. Our job never ends because we work 24/7. This applies to the stay-at-home mom as well as a working mom. At the end of the day, we are all Mamas! And as Mamas we need someone to put us in time out! Luckily, Bliss Mama Wellness has put together a Mama’s Time Out treatment just for us.

Today we have put together a list of the top FIVE reasons why YOU need a time out from Bliss Mama Wellness:

#1 – You Will Be A Better Mom After A Time Out

It’s true. I am always a better mom when I have some time to myself. Last week I was able to experience this Mama’s Time Out treatment from Bliss Mama Wellness. First, let me say that the office atmosphere itself creates instant relaxation. My appointment was an evening one so it was nice to end my day with a treatment. My massage therapist, Cynthia, took some time with me before to discuss any areas that I’d like her to focus on. I carry all my stress where my neck meets my shoulders so of course I told her to focus on that. The entire treatment was perfect and just what I needed. Cynthia even gave me some stretches to do on a daily basis to help with muscle issues that I have. After the appointment, I came home ready for bed! I woke up the next morning so rejuvenated. It’s amazing what some time to yourself does for you as a mother!

#2 – Taking Care Of Yourself Is Very Important

As moms we spend all our time taking care of other people and we often neglect ourselves. It’s easy to do! But, it is so very important that we take time to care for ourselves as well. Constant stress from being a stay-at-home mom or working mom can really wear on you. I know that full well. And I have learned that I have to give my self moments of rest or I will end up sick. Take the time to care for yourselves!

#3 – You Work Very Hard 

I sometimes get to the end of the day and think man, I feel like superwoman today. And then some days I think today was a total failure. Regardless of how the day played out, the truth is – you work very hard! And you deserve to have a time out! I know I’d like to spend my time out being massaged, how about you? LOL!


I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation. We all need silence. The world is loud and full of constant motion. The Mama’s Time Out treatment will provide that silence that you so desperately need!

#5 – There Is A Special Price Just for Cumming Local Readers!

This glorious 90-minute treatment is regularly $125. However, Bliss Mama Wellness is offering this treatment for $20 off making it $105! Listen to the description of this treatment: An ideal escape, this package includes 90 minutes of soothing customized massage, plus a sugar foot scrub to exfoliate and deeply moisturize tired feet, and a calming mini facial to rejuvenated skin. That right there is enough to sell me on scheduling an appointment RIGHT NOW!

What are you waiting for? Call Bliss Mama Wellness today to schedule your Mama’s Time Out package. Make sure you mention Cumming Local for the $20 off special!

time out

Bliss Mama Wellness

110 Samaritan Dr. Suite 202
Cumming, GA 30040

Phone: 770-722-2711
Visit Bliss Mama Wellness Online
Like Bliss Mama Wellness on Facebook

time out

Southern Way Insurance Agency Offering Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Southern Way Insurance Agency Offering Pet Insurance

Have you heard about Figo Pet Insurance yet? We are so excited to be able to share with you ALL about it!

What is Pet Insurance? Pet Insurance is a way for you to cover your furry friends (cats and dogs) from unexpected illness and injuries. It also covers routine appointments. Southern Way Insurance Agency is setting up pet insurance through a cloud based insurance company,  Figo.

“Pet insurance can make a huge difference in the lives of you and your pet. We believe everyone should have it, even if it’s not from us.”Rusty Sproat Founder & CEO, Figo Pet Insurance

Figo offers three plans that you can customize both your reimbursement percentage and annual deductible. Below is some information from Figo Pet Insurance’s website:

How Does Insurance Work?

  • Purchase the plan that suits you best.
  • When an illness or injury occurs get the best veterinary treatment possible for your furry friend.
  • Submit your bills and Figo pays you electronically.

Here’s the best news – these plans average around less than $1.50 per day! Now you can have peace of mind in knowing your pet will always receive the care they deserve.

Interested in getting a FREE quote for pet insurance? Click here 

If you’d like more information, you can call Craig directly for more information and a free quote for Pet Insurance.

Connect with Craig Crawford  at Southern Way Insurance Agency:
Address: 12875 Cumming Hwy Ste 103, Canton,GA 30115
Phone: 678.965.4243
Website | Facebook

Southern Way Insurance

More Information about Craig Crawford:

Founded in 1990, Southern Way Insurance Agency strives to provide quality protection for hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses throughout Georgia.  We make it our top priority to assist you in identifying your insurance needs and putting a plan together to provide you with a personalized coverage plan.   Southern Way Insurance Agency strives to be YOUR local insurance resource.

Pilates and Wine Tasting Event at Studio Lotus


Studio Lotus is Hosting a Pilates and Wine Tasting Event on February 10th

Last year we hosted a few Girls’ Night Out events at Studio Lotus with Talk of the Table. It was so successful that Studio Lotus decided to bring it back this year! The event is open to everyone. So, bring your girlfriends or make it a date. Either way you are in for some fun! Studio Lotus and Talk of the Table have teamed up to make a great night out!

We will start with a Pilates class and then a special wine tasting from Amy at Talk of the Table. Be sure to call Studio Lotus Forsyth to get registered TODAY!

Event Details:

Date: Friday, February 10th
Time: Instruction beginning at 6pm – please arrive approximately 15 mins in advance.
Cost: $20* (includes private party event, a Pilates class, wine tasting from Talk of the Table, and lots of FUN)
Location: Studio Lotus Forsyth – 410 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 4106, Cumming, Georgia 30041
Registration: Call Studio Lotus Forsyth to reserve your spot with payment – 770.888.0048

*This is a discounted rate for the Cumming Local readers, courtesy of Studio Lotus and Talk of the Table. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Space is limited and this event is expected to sell out! So definitely book EARLY!!*

This Night Out is Brought to you by:

Studio Lotus

Studio Lotus Forsyth

Phone: 770.888.0048
Like Studio Lotus Forsyth on Facebook
Visit Studio Lotus Forsyth Online


Talk of the TableTalk of the Table

Phone: 678.965.4003
Like Talk of the Table on Facebook
Follow Talk of the Table on Twitter


To Register:

Space is limited and should be reserved in advance.

To reserve your spot and register for the February event, please call Studio Lotus Forsyth at 770.888.0048.

Let them know you want to sign up for the Night Out Event on February 10th.

They’ll accept your payment over the phone and reserve your spot!

Hope to see you there!

Farm to Porch: New Delivery Program at Circle A Lettuce

Delivering Fresh Lettuce from the Farm to Porch!

You have heard me share about the great LOCAL hydroponic farm located right here just 5 minutes from downtown Cumming. Well, today I am so excited to be able to share some AWESOME news from Circle A Lettuce! One taste and you’ll instantly experience fresh, crisp lettuce greens which lasts a minimum of 10+ days. It’s lettuce the way nature intended it to taste.

They are now offering…

FARM to PORCH delivery!

Locally-grown, herbicide/pesticide free, delicious lettuce!

Details for the NEW delivery service:

Circle A Farms is now delivering to select areas in Forsyth County on a weekly basis. The ordering window opens online for the weekend starting on Friday morning at 8:00am through Monday at 12:00 (noon).

They will be providing delivery Tuesday – Friday, servicing a different zone each day.

Here are the current zones being delivered to:

To order, click on the drop down menu under “Direct Delivery” & select “Place Your Order.”

Click here to order

And don’t forget to place a cooler on your porch the day of your delivery for them to place your greens in.

Note: If they are not yet servicing your area, please go visit them at the Greenhouse during their open store hours to pick up your favorite lettuce greens.

Check out the LOCAL Greenhouse in person!

Address: 2895 Dishroom Rd. Cumming
Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm Saturday 9-noon

Don’t forget your $2 off coupon! Click here {Please note this coupon is only good for Greenhouse store purchases}

We also have some recipe ideas using Circle A Farms lettuce, click here to see those: Side Dish Ideas, Zuppa Tuscana, and Breakfast Casserole recipes are coming soon!

Take a tour of the lettuce growing process from inside the Greenhouse:

More Information About Circle A Farms:


Who knew that locally-grown and delicious lettuce is grown right here in Cumming, GA.  The lettuce at Circle A Farms is grown without the use of herbicide/pesticides. It’s also harvested just a day or two from when you receive it. Circle A Lettuce has rapidly become the preferred location to purchase your lettuce greens.  To sum in all up in one short phrase, “you’ll be amazed at how delicious their lettuce tastes”.  Circle A Farms describes it as the way lettuce was intended to taste.

Connect with Circle A Farms Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Address: 2895 Dishroom Rd, Cumming GA 30028 (Located near intersection of Hwy 20 & Bethelview Rd. Only 5 minutes from downtown Cumming)

Greenhouse Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm & Saturday 9am-12pm



An Interview With Morgan Kane {Grave Digger}

This past week, I was given the opportunity to interview Morgan Kane. Morgan is the driver of Monster Jam’s Grave Digger. Since my son loves all things Monster Trucks and his favorite one is the Grave Digger, I decided to let him come up with the questions and do the interview himself.

Monster Jam is coming to Atlanta on March 4 & 5th. Tickets are available now, for more information on tickets – click here.

Do you ever get hurt when you flip in the Grave Digger?

Morgan Kane: “No, I haven’t been hurt doing flips.  Also, most of the flips I do are controlled meaning I have practiced doing them. And safety first, Finn! I’m in a harness seatbelt.”

How did you learn to drive the Grave Digger?

Morgan Kane: “I grew up watching Dennis cover so much ground in 75 seconds and that style just kind of stuck with me. I officially started my rookie season in 2011. To date, I have driven 11 total trucks. I’ve driven the Stone Crusher, Ironman, and then Max D. Last year, I made the switch from Max D to Grave Digger.”

What’s the most thing you’ve done so far?

Morgan Kane: “Definitely traveling from city to city. I’ve been to Australia three times and Barcelona, Madrid and Spain two times. I love being able to hang out with in many different cultures and people.”

What is your greatest memory as a Monster Jam driver?

Morgan Kane: “My favorite memory is winning the Monster Jam World Finals XVII racing championship. Total team effort from the Grave Digger team. The truck was so hot going into the finals verses Todd Leduc and we had to use a jump box on 24v to get it to start. GD25 was on a rail that night.”

Who in Monster Jam do you look up to for inspiration?

Morgan Kane: “In Monster Jam, all the veterans have my respect. The guys that build this sport to what it is today inspire me. They paved the road with a couple of trucks built from junkyard parts and made it possible for us to continue their legacy for the future fans.”

If you could tell the Cumming Local readers one thing, what would it be?

Morgan Kane: “If you like to have fun with your family, get tickets and come see our show on Sunday, March 5th at 3:30pm! We will also have a Pit Party from 12-2pm. This is the ultimate fan experience! You will get to walk around and see the course up close. All the drivers will be there for you to meet, take pictures with & get autographs.”

Hope to see you at the Monster Jam Show!

For more information on a Monster Jam near you, please log onto or follow us via our social channels below:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

About Feld Entertainment:

Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment’s productions have appeared in more than 75 countries and on six continents to date and include Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Monster Jam®, Monster Energy Supercross, AMSOIL Arenacross, Disney On Ice, Disney Live! and Marvel Universe LIVE! More information about Feld Entertainment is available online at

Healthy Kickstart Meal Plan

Kickstart 2017 in the right direction!

I know we’re right in the middle of the holiday week. You’re probably finishing up leftovers while planning menus for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

But this is the perfect time to get a jump start on your health in the new year! I’m so excited about the Healthy Kickstart group that Eat at Home has been working on. They’re going to focus on positive eating habits – cutting back on sugar, carbs, dairy and refined ingredients. The meal plans will be kicking up the vegetables and choosing healthy ingredients while keeping the meals simple and family friendly.

Healthy Kickstart is a judgement free zone. We all start in different places and we all have different goals. We will honor each other and ourselves in this process.

Enrollment is now open. You can find out all about Healthy Kickstart by clicking here.

I have signed up and printed out the grocery lists already. And plan to start the week after the kids go back to school. For $37, you will get:

  • 4 weeks of plans
  • Each week has 6 meals
  • Color coded grocery lists
  • Recipes for each meal
  • Support through a Facebook group
  • And much more!

Click here to learn more

Natural Ways to Keep Your Family Well this Winter – a Guest Post by Dr. Kristin Marchman

Natural Ways to Keep Your Family Well

Natural Ways to Keep Your Family Well this Winter

The following is a post from Contributing Writer, Dr. Kristin Marchman.  Dr. Marchman is a Licensed Chiropractor at Vickery Chiropractic in Cumming, GA and the Chiropractor I trust with my own children.  We are thankful to have Vickery Chiropractic as a current website sponsor for Cumming Local.

As a chiropractor and mom of two young boys, I am constantly researching ways to keep my family healthy, especially this time of year.  I have had many inquiries for the ways I choose to keep my family well, so I would like to share my favorite natural remedies.Of course staying active, eating right, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of rest are first and foremost.   You can put all the natural remedies into your body that you want, but if you aren’t taking care of your body to begin with, they won’t have nearly the same effects.Chiropractic care is another way to keep your immune system functioning at its optimal level.  It is common knowledge that chiropractic helps with back pain and headaches, but it goes much beyond just that.  The spine and nervous system are in direct correlation with the immune system, so keeping your spine aligned helps to keep you and your family well. As promised, here is a list of my favorite natural remedies.

1.  Whole food supplements.  If you have a perfect diet you can disregard this one, but realistically this doesn’t apply to any of us.  I recommend a base multivitamin as a start, and one that is catered to your gender and age group is best.  For example, I currently take a prenatal supplement, my husband takes a men’s supplement, and my 3-year-old son takes a powder mulitvitamin that is specifically designed for his nutritional needs (it dissolves easily in water and he loves the taste!).  During the winter, it is especially important to add extra vitamin D3 and vitamin C to your daily intake.  Be sure to choose whole food supplements, so that the body treats them like food and they are properly digested.  My favorite trusted brand is Innate Response.

2.  Bio-active silver hydrosol (colloidal silver at the purest form).  This natural antibiotic is the first thing I reach for when I wake up with a bit of a sore throat.  It works like broad-spectrum antibiotics against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in the body.  Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, it does not lead to resistance and has none of the negative side effects.  It can be taken orally as well as through the ears (it’s great for ear infections in children), nose (for sinus issues), and even eyes (it does wonders for pink eye).  It is safe for children as well, so when I know my 3-year-old son has been exposed to an illness, he automatically gets a dose of silver.  It has done wonders for our family and Argentyn 23 is my trusted brand.  (I also want to note that garlic and coconut oil are also proven natural antibiotics that are used regularly in my home.)

3.  Thieves essential oil.  Essential oils are oils taken from plants that have therapeutic benefit to the body.  There are many essential oils that have become staples in my home, but the one I recommend most for it’s immune boosting benefits is thieves oil.  This blend of oils was actually used in the 15th century by thieves (hence the name) in order to avoid catching the Plague from those they were stealing from.  Thieves can be diffused into the air or rubbed onto the bottoms of the feet to increase immunity and help fight sickness.  Again, whenever I know someone in my family has been exposed to an illness, I immediately reach for thieves oil.

4.  Homemade elderberry syrup.  Black elderberries contain high levels of vitamin A, B, C, and antioxidants, which increase the effectiveness of the immune system.  When mixed with other natural immune boosting ingredients, elderberries have been shown in research studies to effectively fight the flu and other diseases. My favorite homemade elderberry syrup recipe is:

– 2/3 cup black elderberries
– 3 1/2 cup water
– 2 T fresh ginger root
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp cloves
– 1 cup raw honey
Pour water into medium saucepan and add elderberries, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.  Bring to a boil, cover and reduce to a simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until liquid has reduced by almost half.  Remove from heat and let cool enough to be handled.  Pour through mesh strainer into glass jar or bowl.  Discard elderberries and let liquid cool to lukewarm.  Add 1 cup of honey and stir well.  Pour syrup into mason jar or 16 ounce glass bottle.  Store in refrigerator.  Take 1 tsp daily for children and 1 T daily for adults.  If sick, take normal dose every 2-3 hours until symptoms are gone.

These are my most trusted natural remedies to fight illness during the winter months.  All of these (except for elderberry syrup) are available for order at Vickery Chiropractic.  Here’s to staying warm and healthy this winter, naturally!

Written by Dr. Kristin Marchman

Connect with Dr. Marchman

Web –
Facebook –
Email Dr. Marchman

5830 Clarion Street (Vickery Village)
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone:  678-947-4449