Epilepsy Awareness: Aim For Zero

Epilepsy Awareness: Aim For Zero

According to epilepsy.com, around 65 million people in the world live with epilepsy. Of those 65 million, over half reside in the United States, and it is estimated that a staggering one-third of those diagnosed suffer from uncontrollable seizures because no available treatment works for them. Although this disorder is invisible to the eye, it is one that affects 150,000 new people every year, and that is why we must be aware of it. Like most brain injures, the vast majority of cases of epilepsy are caused from abnormal or excessive brain activity, which can develop upon birth or later in life. The most common symptom is seizures. People who live with epilepsy may suffer from fatigue, muscle spasms, fainting, amnesia, pins and needles, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

This condition is most common in children and the elderly, but can affect those of all ages. Common causes may include genetic influence, head trauma, infectious diseases, prenatal injury, and developmental disorders; however, you are at more of a risk for developing epilepsy if you have dementia or seizures during childhood. About 1% of those with epilepsy are often more at risk for a sudden or unexpected death, particularly those who don’t receive treatment for their seizures. Furthermore, if someone seizes for more than five minutes, they are more likely to suffer from permanent brain damage or even death.

As the month of November passes, it is important to keep those who live with this disorder in our prayers and raise awareness for their cause. It is important to speak up, speak out, and give whatever we can to organizations such as the Epilepsy Foundation so that trained professionals can continue to provide therapy and treatment to those in need.

One person who has done an exceptional job at representing this community is up-and-coming author, McCall Hoyle. Her book, The Thing With Feathers, follows the story of Emilie, a teenage girl with epilepsy, as she navigates public high school and learns to accept herself for who she is. This novel is a great for parents, teachers, young adults, and teens if they want to get an inside look at what its like to live with this condition or are just searching for their new favorite YA read.

Join me, Mrs. Hoyle, and so many others by supporting those who live with epilepsy. Donate at the link below!


Morgan Champion is an ambitious North Forsyth High School senior who believes in the power of serving others, reaching for her dreams, and having a positive attitude—no matter her circumstances. Besides writing for “Cumming Local,” Morgan enjoys volunteering at her church, at the Forsyth County Peer Court, and at various clubs and organizations throughout her school.

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How to Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Trip this Holiday

How to Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Trip this Holiday

It’s Christmas morning. The kids run to open the gift you’ve left for them under the tree. And their eyes sparkle as they realize it’s exactly the thing they asked for! Success! All the price matching, parking lot navigating, crowd fighting, and box wrapping was completely worth it!

Fast forward 6 months . . . you find their Christmas treasure under their bed, broken and forgotten.

After repeating this year after year, it’s understandable that parents start to get disillusioned about the value of gifting their kids’ wishes at the holidays. There must be another way to make the holidays special and memorable.

Here’s an idea: gift your family with a fun trip this holiday. Laughing and learning together, experiencing new things, are great gifts to your children. A trip will give your family the opportunity to create lifelong memories together. And better yet surprise your loved ones with a trip this holiday season!

Giving a trip to your family is so easy. Follow these four simple steps over the coming weeks to check this off your holiday shopping list:

  1. Consider where you’d like to go.

Is there a place you’ve always wanted to show your family? Do they have hobbies that could be developed at a certain place? Have they really enjoyed a certain unit in Social Studies about a place you could visit? Are they really into a certain movie or YouTube channel? Considering a trip from the kids’ point of view can open up new and different destination options.

  1. Determine a budget and time of year.

When thinking about your budget, consider how much you would usually spend for holiday gifting. Also, think about the cost of your typical family vacation. Then develop a price range that you’re comfortable with.

Many families are tied to the school calendar when they consider when to travel. In Forsyth County, Fall Break in September is a gift to families looking to travel off season. A long weekend over President’s Day is also a good option for Forsyth County families. Of course, if your family isn’t tied to the school calendar, consider traveling at a time when others will be in class.

  1. Call a travel agent.

A good travel agent will be able to take all your thoughts and considerations and help you shape them into a great trip, often at no additional cost to you. Some agents specialize in a particular destination, while others offer general assistance with the travel industry. Not sure who to call? Look for agents in your community who will understand specifics of your local needs.

**Need an agent who specializes in Disney and Universal destinations? Email me at jessica@travelmation.net.**

  1. Present the gift.

It’s still fun to have that Christmas-morning moment, so presenting the gift to your family can be very exciting.

  • Purchase something that will be used on the trip and wrap it for the big reveal. Ask your travel agent if your destination offers a special way to let the family know about the big trip.
  • If your trip is more than a couple weeks in the future, wrap a paper chain countdown to help keep the excitement for the trip alive. Hang the chain some place where everyone will see it and every day tear off one link in the chain until it’s time for your trip.
  • Tie a postcard to the string of a helium balloon, and then wrap the balloon in a big box. When the kids open the box, the balloon will float out and the card will show them where they’re going.

As an Authorized Disney Travel Planner, and a mom to two tween boys, Jessica has fully experienced every thrill attraction and enjoyed everything Star Wars at Walt Disney World. She knows how to save the day with the Marvel heroes at Disneyland. And she knows the award-winning service and relaxed fun aboard the Disney Cruise Line. Plus, outside of Disney destinations, she’s even cast a magical spell with Harry Potter in Universal Studios. And she loves helping other families create magical memories of their own.

Need an agent who specializes in Disney and Universal destinations? Email me at jessica@travelmation.net.

Don’t Seek More Willpower: Change The Game!

Don’t Seek More Willpower: Change The Game!

We eat too much, we drink too much, we have credit card debt, we don’t workout enough, and we’re social media addicts.

Oh willpower, where art thou?

Most of us are constantly searching for willpower, for self-control, for a way to become mentally stronger in one area of life or another. The questions we most often struggle with when it comes to willpower are the HOW and WHERE? How do we find this willpower? Where do we find more self-control?

In his book Willpower, psychologist Roy F. Baumeister argues that willpower is like a muscle: It can get tired and break down, but you can also make it stronger by training it right.

So how do we train it right?

In his book Barking up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is Mostly Wrong (highly recommended, by the way), author Eric Barker presents a unique view about how to train yourself to develop more willpower:

Turn life into a game!

A great example of this is Walter Mischel’s famous marshmallow theory (http://www.newyorker.com/science/maria-konnikova/struggles-psychologist-studying-self-control).

Basically, he did a study where kids were promised two marshmallows if they could resist eating one. Many couldn’t resist the sweet treat, but those who avoided the urge to devour a marshmallow didn’t actually display the extreme willpower you might have thought. Instead, these kids changed the game by doing things such as making up a story in their minds that the delicious sugary marshmallows were actually puffy clouds and didn’t taste good anyway.

The point is only to say willpower and self-control are only needed if you feel a struggle. You don’t enjoy your work, so you feel a struggle to work harder. You don’t love the pain of getting your heart rate up, so you struggle to motivate yourself to go to the gym.

But when there is no struggle, you no longer need to muster more willpower. The kids who convinced themselves the marshmallows weren’t marshmallows didn’t feel the struggle. They didn’t need willpower.

If you think about it, it makes sense: If I put a delicious, warm peanut butter cookie right out of the oven in front of you when you’re super hungry and craving sugar, there might be a struggle. BUT, if you’re deathly allergic to peanuts, chances are you’re going to choose life over the treat and you it won’t require any willpower or self-restraint to avoid eating the cookie.

This is Barker’s exact point: His solution is to turn turn various things in your life into a game. This will stop you from feeling a struggle, he says, and you’ll no longer need to stress out about finding more willpower.

His logic can be applied to all areas of life, like fitness and your job, but also to the more mundane, boring things we need to do like housework—tasks we often think require a ton of willpower.

Dreading doing the dishes? Challenge yourself to finish the dishes in less time than you did the night before and suddenly it almost becomes fun (or you end up with half-washed dishes if you’re too competitive).

Barker explained good games have necessary criteria: They are winnable, they have rules, and they provide feedback so you always know where you stand.

One of the reasons games work, he said, is because they allow you to celebrate small wins along the way. (In fact, data shows that life satisfaction is much higher for those who experience a steady flow of minor accomplishment as opposed to those who only express interest in major accomplishments. This might be part of the reason AA is so successful).

The point is: The small wins in life keep us moving forward in all facets of life.

So the next time you’re procrastinating doing your taxes, going to the gym, or meeting a deadline at work, change the game by turning it into a winnable game.

Jill Thornton is a mother of two, wife, and gym owner. Her passion for helping others is infectious!  She channels her passion for fitness from her athletic background as the co-owner at Cumming Strength and Fitness located just west of downtown Cumming. To learn more about Jill, click here.

Connect with Jill and Cumming Strength & Fitness: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Mental Health Awareness Month

mental health

October is Mental Health Awareness month. We are so blessed to have our contributing writer, Morgan, shed light on this subject.

According to MentalHealth.gov, mental health refers to the emotional, physiological, and social well-being of an adult, teenager, or child, and because mental health awareness month is quickly approaching, I deemed it necessary to shed light on this vital but somehow ignored subject. As a 17-year-old girl, I can’t say that this issue has never affected me. I can’t say that I’ve never stayed up all night, tossing, turning, and hoping that maybe, when the first ray of sun strikes the Earth’s surface the next morning, these statistics will improve. I can’t say that these issues that are deemed unimportant by society are not a part of my story. I think that whether we’ve personally experienced it or watched a loved one fight the battle to recovery, mental health issues and awareness have meaning in everyone’s lives. Whether we all want to admit it or not, this issue is more relevant now than ever before.

In a recent study on mental health, The National Alliance on Mental Illness found that approximately 43.8 million adults in the US experience illness every year. Approximately 1 and 5 adolescents 13-18 experience this at some point in their lives, and 13% of children are likely to have undergone some type of mental problem as well. In 2015, NAMI found that 8% of teenagers live with anxiety, 11% with a mood disorder, and 10% with a conduct disorder. Additionally, a shocking 20% of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood, and finally, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among my generation, with a young person taking his or her life every 100 minutes.

Mental health is not something to be ignored. Among this generation alone, the population of those who have struggled with this detrimental issue has grown exponentially, and the numbers continue to climb. However, there is something you can do to help.

Spread awareness. Let victims know that they are not alone, and help them seek the appropriate help. Most mental illnesses are treatable, and with the proper help from doctors and therapists, victims can be completely cured. For more information about the importance of this topic, please visit www.mentalhealth.gov.

Morgan Champion is an ambitious North Forsyth High School senior who believes in the power of serving others, reaching for her dreams, and having a positive attitude—no matter her circumstances. Besides writing for “Cumming Local,” Morgan enjoys volunteering at her church, at the Forsyth County Peer Court, and at various clubs and organizations throughout her school.

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Why Do Some People Stick To A Fitness Routine While Others Fail?

Why Do Some People Stick To A Fitness Routine While Others Fail?

Today I’m sharing a post from Jill Thornton, co-owner of Cumming Strength & Fitness. She is sharing her passion with us about fitness and encouraging us all to have a healthy lifestyle. Anyone can do it!

This question has long intrigued me.

As a coach, as much as I like to think I can predict who will end up sticking around and committing to fitness, the truth is I can’t. Sometimes the least likely people get hooked, and people I expect to last years fall off the wagon.

In the last six months, I have come across a number of health transformation stories that have helped me develop a theory as to why some people commit to fitness for life while others fail.

I met a man who used to weigh 340 lb. He drank a dozen sodas a day and a pint of ice cream every night. And it wasn’t uncommon for him to eat an entire brick of processed American cheese in one sitting. Then one day in 2015, he decided to make a change. Today, he’s 205 lb. and hasn’t had a single soda or a bite of American cheese since that day two years ago when he took his health into his hands.

And I met a woman who, at the age of 69, weighed 220 lb. and could barely get off the floor. She, too, made the decision to get healthy and hasn’t looked back. A year-and-a-half-later, she’s down 50 lb., has been taken off a host of medications she was on, and can get up and down off the floor with ease.

When you hear people tell their stories of massive, long-lasting change, it’s impossible not to become inspired.

Unfortunately though, those stories aren’t the norm. They’re kind of the exception. Truth is, most people have good intentions to take real action in their lives and change but don’t ever do it. They think about wanting to change, they verbalize the need for change, and maybe they try the gym for a couple weeks or months, but it ultimately feels too hard or too overwhelming, so they fall back into their own patterns and continue to live their mediocre lives.

The question becomes: What was it that both the American-cheese addicted man and the 69-year-old woman did to be able to create lasting change in their lives?

They both told me, independent of one another, that for them to decide to commit to health and fitness, they needed to throw away the tapes in their head that told them change wasn’t possible. The tapes that told them they couldn’t do it. The tapes that told them they would fail.

Once they were able to beat the voice in their head, they were able to develop a sense of certainty, and more importantly, come to terms with the fact that their pasts were not their futures.

I have come to believe this is the difference between people who commit to fitness for life and people who don’t: Empowering versus self-limiting beliefs.

What exactly is a belief?

A belief is essentially something you feel certain about. Often, there are no solid facts or rationality behind the belief.

Most people don’t realize it’s up to us what we believe. Instead, we blindly believe our beliefs as truths and we let them limit us.

Usually, our beliefs come down to our past experiences. We assume that just because the last job interview didn’t go well, neither will this one. Or that we failed in our New Year’s resolution attempt to go to the gym three days a week in 2010, that we will fail today. This is not the case.

The former soda guzzler and the 220-lb. woman are real people. In fact, you can read about his very real story here. They’re not superhuman, made with more willpower than you. They just chose to say screw you to their unfounded beliefs and choose a new, better, path for themselves.

Jill Thornton is a mother of two, wife, and gym owner. Her passion for helping others is infectious!  She channels her passion for fitness from her athletic background as the co-owner at Cumming Strength and Fitness located just west of downtown Cumming. To learn more about Jill, click here.

Connect with Jill and Cumming Strength & Fitness: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

National Service Dog Awareness Month

National Service Dog Awareness Month

As the month of September begins, everyone in our community can’t help but get a little giddy at the thought of pumpkin-spice lattes, beautifully-colored leaves withering and falling from the trees, cozy sweaters, and the proximity of Halloween. However, to me, September has a much deeper meaning than just the beginning of autumn. September is service dog awareness month. Sure, all the hype surrounding the coming of this time of year is great, but last Friday, I couldn’t help but spend some time reflecting about one of the most amazing blessings I’ve ever received. I was born with a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy, which hinders my ability to walk and do some basic tasks around the house and in life. I use a wheelchair with a power-assist motor attached to it, a walker, and canes. However, in the midst of all of my doctor’s appointments and physical therapy visits, my parents and I began to realize that something was missing—a best friend. As a result of this realization, I met my service dog, Gara, when I was about eight-years-old, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Gara has been the addition to my life and my family that I never could have imagined. Besides performing her basic service dog duties(picking things up from the floor, opening and closing doors, etc.), she has quickly become the companion that I so desperately needed. She is instantly able to cheer me up when I’m upset, encourage me when I’m tired, bring out some spontaneous energy when I’m happy, and be my number one fan and supporter in whatever I choose to do. For me and so many others around the world, service dogs have been life changing—not just in a physical way, but also in an emotional one. These animals are unlike any other. They are able to use their intelligence to know when their handler needs them, but also use their loving and caring nature to be a lifelong best friend.

However, the magic of these amazing dogs doesn’t begin and end with handlers. The magic of service dogs begins with you. There are dozens nonprofit training organizations locally, nationally, and around the world that could use volunteers who are ready and willing to invest in this cause. Believe it or not, training any type of service animal costs thousands of dollars, and because of this, millions of people who would benefit from one of these incredible dogs don’t get one because they can’t afford it. With a donation of just a few dollars, you could play a part in changing someone’s world.

If you are a dog-lover who would be interested in basic-training young puppies, Canine Companions for Independence offers a puppy raiser program in which families are able to pour into a young puppy until they are transferred into an official training facility. This donation of time and knowledge could not only help future handlers, but also the dogs that will go on to shape lives.

If you are interested in learning more about service dogs and/or want to get involved with an organization, be sure to visit the links below.

For more information about how service dogs impact the lives of handlers, I would highly recommend reading The Thing With Feathers by Mccall Hoyle, a novel surrounding a girl with epilepsy and her service dog and best friend, Hitch. Happy September!


Morgan Champion is an ambitious North Forsyth High School senior who believes in the power of serving others, reaching for her dreams, and having a positive attitude—no matter her circumstances. Besides writing for “Cumming Local,” Morgan enjoys volunteering at her church, at the Forsyth County Peer Court, and at various clubs and organizations throughout her school.

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What to Wear for Your Family Photo Session

What to Wear for Your Family Photo Session

I don’t know about you but I always stress out when trying to figure out what we will all wear for a family photo session. I was so grateful when Sarah Trulove decided to share some tips on what to wear. These tips were so helpful for me as I planned for my upcoming session.

With further ado – I give you Sarah with Trulove Photography and her 5 best tips on what to wear for your next family photo session…

Don’t Be Matchy Matchy

It’s best to coordinate, not “match”. For instance, avoid the everyone-in-jeans-and-a-white-shirt thing. Instead choose a color palette that works well in your home (because that’s where you’ll be hanging your new family pictures) and have everyone wear some combination of those colors.


Consider bringing your child’s favorite stuffed animal, or a blanket (in your color palette) for everyone to sit on, flowers for a little girl to hold or put in her hair, or your family dog are always great additions to a family photo. Just make sure that whatever you bring coordinates with the overall look and feel of your location and style goals!


A fun scarf, hat, headbands, jackets, jewelry, etc. can help bring out you and your family’s personality as well add an additional note of completeness to a photograph. You can also use accessories to tie the colors together. For example, if one person is wearing a light blue striped shirt, you could put a light blue headband on your daughter or light blue blow tie on your son to tie the color palette together.

Don’t forget to consider shoes! Ya’ll, shoes can make or break an outfit, and they WILL be in your photographs. Consider the terrain of your location! Bring flats to walk in if you’re going to have to walk a bit before getting to the perfect spot. Then switch to your heels.

Again, make sure anything you choose works with the colors of your outfits and location choice, and make sure to choose accessories and shoes that are complimentary but that don’t steal the show. You want your family to be the subject of your photograph, not the enormous glittered bow on your daughter’s head 😉

Be You

Last, but not least, don’t stress too much about your outfits being perfect, and don’t try to make your 5-year-old wearing something totally adorable but WAY itchy. Having happy smiles in your family pictures is more important than perfect outfits and that includes yourself. Don’t overcomplicate things and stress yourself out. Just pick outfits that work for your family’s comfort and personality and if you’re able to make them coordinate perfectly… well that is just icing on the cake!

Do you need to schedule a fall photo session? If so, check out the upcoming mini sessions that Sarah has planned! You can sign up for a spot on her website – www.trulove-photography.com

For some tips on what’s in this Fall, check out a recent post that It Is What’s We Do wrote:


Sarah Trulove is a local family and senior photographer, yogi, wife & creative. While photography is her passion, she also loves to paint, run, read, eat & sip coffee in the morning sunshine. When she started her business, she focused mainly on weddings only to realize that families are where her heart is. She’s always loved children, holds a degree in social work and child advocacy, and volunteers with children in foster care alongside her photography business.

Connect with Sarah and Trulove Photography: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Office Phone: 678 856 6313

Top Fall Trends From It Is What We Do

Top Fall Trends From It Is What We Do

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Morgan, our Fashion Editor. Today she is sharing the top Fall trends to be on the lookout for. Morgan and her friend Ashley, run a new local fashion and lifestyle blog. You can follow along at It Is What We Do

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be over here on Cumming Local today!

Today I am sharing some fun fall trends with you all since fall is just around the corner. I am sure most of us are ready for things to cool off here in Georgia.

The cooler weather is what I am looking forward to the most, but the clothes are another thing I get really excited about. Fall clothes are my favorite! The options are endless because you can switch things up with layers and incorporate a lot of fun items into your outfits.

Many of the items I am sharing are great basics to have on hand in your closet. They are practical pieces to add to your wardrobe as we transition into another season. There are a lot of new trends for fall and I want to show you how easy it is to incorporate some of them into your closet. You may have a lot of these items already.


First up are jeans. Jeans are my absolute favorite thing to buy! A good pair of jeans is something you can wear almost daily and you will not regret taking the time to look for the right pair. Everyone’s shape is so different. It can take a lot of trial and error to find the right pair for your body type, but once you do it is worth it!

Don’t just settle and buy a pair because they kind of fit. Get out there and find the right ones for you. The options are endless, so you do not have to spend a lot for good quality anymore. If you are going to splurge, jeans are a great piece to splurge on, since you can get so much wear out of them. Jeans are something I am willing to spend more on if I find the right pair.


Next up let’s talk shoes. I live in booties through the fall and winter. There are some great brands that make such comfortable shoes, so you will be able to wear them all day with no discomfort.

Mules are another big shoe trend this fall. What I love about mules, over a basic pair of flats, is you do not run the risk of your shoes rubbing the back of your heel. The right pair of mules will provide a lot of style and comfort to your outfits!

Shoes are another piece that are worth the splurge if you know you will wear them all the time. Again, like jeans, there are so many options that you don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t want to.


Fall here in Georgia is gorgeous and we are lucky that it doesn’t get too cold. Layering is the key in dressing for fall. Lightweight jackets, cardigans, and scarves are the perfect items to have on hand to keep warm throughout the season. Options are endless and the best part is these are pieces you do not have to break the bank on.

Sometimes we think for a jacket we have to spend a lot. If you need a heavy winter coat, yes you might need to spend more. For fall, a lightweight jacket will do the job, so you can have a little more fun and branch out. Try a military style jacket or a lightweight leather jacket. You would be surprised at how reasonable prices are on these items.

I hope some of these tips you find helpful as we go into fall. Everyone’s style is different so don’t follow a trend just because it is popular. Stay true to what you love and only invest in pieces you know you will get a lot of wear out of.

For a really trendy piece that you might only wear a few times find a cheaper option. I also try a cheaper option if I am trying out a new trend that I am not sure if I love yet. Fashion and clothes can be so fun! Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might be surprised at how your style can transform if you are willing to have fun with it!

Thanks for letting me share with you all today!

Morgan and Ashley
It Is What We Do
Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter


Morgan Brock has been married to her husband Jeremy for 12 years and is mom to two boys, Bennett and Walker.  She graduated college with a degree in Finance but never loved working in that field.  She has always had a love for fashion and shopping.  Her goal is to help people find great clothes that they love and feel confident in. She finds so much joy in that.  She is also a frugal shopper, so she loves sharing where to find great deals.  Her belief is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look your best!  All of this led Morgan and her best friend, Ashley, to start a fashion and lifestyle blog.

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Balancing Life Is A Lie And, Yes, There’s a Better Way

Balancing Life

Balancing Life Is A Lie And, Yes, There’s a Better Way

Let’s have a little fun. Stand up. Pull one foot back to your butt until you can feel a nice stretch in the front of your thigh. Make sure your free hand is not touching anything. Now stand there for 5 minutes. If you foot touches the ground or if your free hand touches anything, you failed.

A simple quad stretch seems, well, simple. You just need to stand on one foot. But it’s not as easy as it sounds because it requires balance. And balance is a tricky thing.

Balance is such a nice sounding word. It actually sounds kinda peaceful. But balance is difficult. It requires an even distribution of weight so you can remain steady and stable.

While doing your quad stretch (Yes, I am trusting you that you actually did it.), you may have actually been balanced for a moment. But then something happened…
• You moved ever so slightly.
• Your child bumped you.
• You looked in a different direction.

And you had to put your other foot back on the ground or grab something with your free hand. You were balanced but then you lost your balance. You failed, and now you’re a failure.

That’s how life feels sometimes. Okay, a lot of times.

We feel like a failure because we cannot balance work and family and everything else. Even if you happen to achieve balance for a moment, balance is not sustainable. You cannot live life with one foot off the ground. As soon as life changes or shifts, you lose your balance and have to work to achieve balance again.

Have you ever stopped and wondered who made balance our goal in life? I’m pretty sure it was some marketing guru who knew he could sell a lot of product because it would sound so appealing…a balanced life. Ahhhhh. I honestly don’t know who imposed this lie on us, but we can create a new goal. A new way to measure whether we’re winning. Let’s do it!

There are so many demands and responsibilities coming at us, we need a way to manage our lives. What if we could live life with both feet on the ground? Wouldn’t it be nice to quit living life with only one foot on the ground…or trying to just have one foot on the ground?

Instead of living a balanced life, what if we learned to lean into what is in front of us (the important) and what has to be done by us (the urgent)?

Balance says treat all things equal. Distribute the weight of life equally. But all things are not equal.

Leaning means turning your attention to what is important and/or urgent. When what is in front of you has your attention, you can see the meaning in what you’re leaning into. Leaning creates meaning.

Leaning is looking at all of your demands and responsibilities and deciding what or who you need to lean into first. You give that thing or person your attention and energy. Then you lean into the next thing or person. Then the next.

Leaning allows you to plant both feet on the ground and handle what or who needs the most attention. It gives you permission to not lean into the other things and people who need you…until it is the right time to lean into them.

An important part of leaning is having a place to come back to. Your center is where you return to after you’ve leaned. Your center is most likely your health (emotional, physical, spiritual), faith, and spouse…The most important areas of your life.

You lean away from your center because you have to. You come back to your center because you need to.

There is a better way to manage life that leaves you feeling less guilty and like less of a failure. There is a way to manage your life in a way that allows you to give your energy to the right things and people at the right time. Start leaning. Stop balancing.

Casey Ross has been married to Julie for over 20 years and is the dad to one daughter and two sons. Casey and his family share some common loves: the Atlanta Falcons / United / Hawks, Mexican food, Hilton Head Island, and just about any kind of competition. Julie and Casey mentor engaged couples, lead married small groups, and lead small groups called Starting Point at their church. If Casey is not at home or work, you can probably find him at Chick fil A enjoying a Frosted Coffee and a Diet Dr Pepper or working out.

Connect with Casey Online: Blog | Twitter | Facebook 

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Where Can I Find My Forsyth Magazine in Forsyth County?

Forsyth Magazine

Where Can I Find My Forsyth Magazine in Forsyth County?

For the past seven years, My Forsyth magazine has been delivered to homes throughout the county. Each issue has 22,000 copies printed and distributed in the area (mail and rack distribution). Don’t be left out! My Forsyth Magazine is a great publication! I have enjoyed reading a copy of the magazine for the last few years. It’s not your normal publication in a local community. It’s an editorial magazine with plenty of impeccable reading material including but not limited to subject matters of healthcare, real estate, lifestyle, coupons, and much more!

One question that I receive repeatedly is – “where can I find a copy of My Forsyth Magazine?” So, today I am answering that question for you!

Three Ways to Get Your Copy of My Forsyth Magazine

  1. You can subscribe to have My Forsyth Magazine delivered to your mailbox by entering your information here.
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  3. You can pick up a copy at the following locations around Forsyth County:
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at The Collection
  • Physician Offices (at Northside Forsyth campus)
  • Slope’s BBQ on Highway 20
  • Lakeside Pharmacy
  • Lenny’s Subs
  • Palapas Mexican Grill at Windermere
  • Rick Tanner’s Bar and Grille at Vickery Village
  • The Biscuit Barn
  • Sexton Hall Senior Enrichment Center
  • Dream Dinners
  • Kroger Stores:
    • 5665 Atlanta Hwy, Alpharetta
    • 2325 Bethelview Rd, Cumming
    • 2655 Freedom Pkwy, Cumming
    • 1595 Peachtree Pkwy, Cumming
    • 6001 Cumming Hwy, Sugar Hill
    • 3651 Peachtree Parkway, Johns Creek
    • 11877 Douglas Road, Alpharetta
    • 400 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suwanee
    • 12870 State Highway 9, Alpharetta

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