Back To School Tips & Tricks I’ve Learned To Keep Us Organized

Back To School Tips & Tricks I’ve Learned

If you know me personally then you would know the following things about me: everything in my house has a label, my meals are planned by the month, I’m extremely structured, and I live by my to-do list daily. I will even go as far as to write an extra to-do down that I accomplish just so that I can check it off. Anyone else like me?

Anyway, a few weeks ago – I posted about how everything is ready for back to school at my house. That post ended up having quite a big reach on Facebook and Instagram, so I figured maybe I should share my tips. Maybe just maybe my tips will help you make things easier this school-year for you! So today i’m opening up my brain and pouring all my info out to you! This post is going to be long, so I apologize for that in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime. I’m always happy to help.

Please note: These ways of living work best for me and my family. All of them won’t work exactly the same for you. But please take these tips & tricks and implement them in your home the way that’s best for you and your family! Also, I don’t want you to read this article and think that I have a perfectly run household. Because that is NOT true! I just have these items set in place to keep us running more efficiently. 


  • Breakfast: As far as breakfast goes, I believe it depends on your family’s preference. We are breakfast lovers in this house. I usually cook up a batch of bacon or sausage on Sunday for the week. Then every morning I make either egg sandwiches or scrambled eggs and warm up the meat I made on Sunday. I will also sometimes make a casserole or muffins on Sunday and we will eat off that during the week. If you’d really like to prepare, you can cook breakfast and store it in your freezer. Click here for some ideas on breakfast freezer meals. 
  • Lunch & Snacks: This year for lunches and snacks I’m doing things a little simpler. I got two bins. One bin went in the fridge and other one went in the pantry. I’ve encouraged my kids (ages 5 & 7) to pack their own lunch every night. They are to pull 2 items from fridge bin and 2 from the pantry bin. For the first month of school, I help them to pack a healthy and complete lunch. The bins are filled with items like: fruit cups, sliced fruit, apple sauce, hummus, guacamole, cheese slices, pepperoni, deli meat, yogurt, crackers, pretzel, peanut butter, chips, trail mix, etc. (See picture below)

  • Dinner: I like to plan a month at a time so my month has balanced meals. I always grocery shop on Fridays using Kroger ClickList. And I make a monthly trip to Costco to load up on staple, snack, and bulk items. Disclaimer – As a family we eat mostly paleo style so I plan dinners that way. I use a combo of cookbooks (Danielle Walker) and Pinterest to create our monthly meal plan. I love to meal plan & cook so this works for me. If you don’t like to plan, check out either Eat at Home (provides weekly meal plans and a color-coded grocery list) or Dream Dinners (local company that works as your prep kitchen and fills your freezer with meals that just need to be cooked).
{This is my August meal plan}

House Preparation

  • All the Incoming “Stuff”: In the area between my kitchen and living room, we have a dresser with three baskets labeled as Inbox, Supplies, & Greg (see photo below). All incoming “stuff” goes in the inbox and weekly I sort through what is trash, what needs to be filed, what are bills to pay, etc. In this same inbox bin, I have a folder for receipts to go in. Each week I go through and enter them in our budgeting tool. We use You Need a Budget (YNAB) because it syncs with your phone and/or web. The second bin labeled “supplies” is for post-its, morning devotion books, pencils, markers, etc. This bin also contains a homework folder where I place activities for homework. My kids will typically do their homework at the kitchen table while I prep dinner. The third bin is for my husband. In it, he  puts whatever he needs to. He needed a place so I gave him one!

  • Communication: Above the dresser mentioned above, I have a chalkboard that I created (See image below). It’s simply a window that I painted the glass with chalkboard paint. I update this board every Saturday evening. It keeps everyone in the “know” as to what’s going on during the week and what we are having for dinner each night. On Sunday, we do a family meeting during dinner. During that meeting we all share compliments about one another and then I tell everyone what we have coming up the upcoming week.
  • Laundry: Laundry has always been my nemesis. I have tried doing it daily and also doing it once a week. After some trial and error, I’ve found for me it’s works best to do laundry every other day. On a laundry day, I try to see it all the way through. That means that I wash, dry, fold, and put away. I loathe ironing. Like seriously loathe! I only iron every other week on Saturdays. And I took the summer off from ironing. It was glorious!

  • House Cleaning: Because I work full time now I have a house cleaner that comes every other week. 😊 The only cleaning that gets done is on Sunday evenings, we all pick up our areas to make sure everything is tidy. I also always clean up the kitchen and living area most evenings so we start the day with a clean living space. Before the house cleaner, I used Clean Mama’s method of cleaning 15-20 minutes a day so your house stays clean and a once a month deep cleaning.

Family Schedule

  • Abide by Boundaries: It’s important to set boundaries with your family’s time. If not, you will be a frantic family all over the place. I know because I’ve been there and done that! For us, we only allow one extracurricular activity per kid. For the fall season, Finn chose West Forsyth lacrosse and Selah chose ballet. We will discuss spring as we get closer. As for us (the parents), we’re in small group through Browns Bridge Church and like to go to the gym. So between all that we stay pretty busy.
  • Family/Rest Time: “The days are long, but the years are short.” I know there will be a season where we won’t be able to do this. But for now, we try to eat dinner together every night. Some of the best conversations we’ve had have been around the kitchen table. We also incorporated a weekly game night into our schedule a few years ago. The kids love it! During that time, we play board games, cards, hide and seek, etc. We just rotate between each of us to be the one that makes the decision on what we do. Recently, we found a locally made box (PLAtime) that provides the activities and supplies. You can read more about that here. This year we decided to implement a rest day each week. It usually falls on Sundays, but the day fluctuates each week. During the rest day, we just chill at home. By chill I mean we relax – that means no work is done on these days.
  • No Technology: Last but not least, we put all devices away around 5pm and it stays that way for the remainder of the evening. This is a hard one – especially for me. But I’m really committed this year! Family conversations are much richer when technology isn’t in the mix. We keep a copy of Here’s a Question around dinner time if we need help stirring up conversation.

And that’s all my back to school tips in a nutshell. Now I need to have a glass of wine after all that typing!  Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. I hope this post was helpful to you! Cheers to being more organized this year, Rachael

Rachael Walkup is a wife, mother of two, and owner of – a website dedicated to promoting events & small businesses in Forsyth County. Coffee, good food, and wine are the way to her heart. She’s a lover of comfy clothes and deep conversation.

Cumming Recreation & Parks: Fall/Winter Program Registration {2017-2018}

Cumming Recreation & Parks

Cumming Recreation & Parks:  Fall/Winter Program Registration {2017-2018}

The new Fall/ Winter Registration guide for the Cumming Recreation & Parks 2017-2018 Year is currently available.

Please Note: registration opens August 21st!

This guide is filled with opportunities for youth & adults to participate in activities such as:

  • Aerobics & Fitness
  • Art
  • Youth Basketball
  • Self-Defense
  • Tennis
  • Guitar
  • Gymnastics & Tumbling
  • Horseback Riding
  • Dance
  • Drama

You can register by mail, online, or walk-in at the Pilgrim Mill location for any of the Cumming Recreation & Parks activities.

Birthday Parties

Cumming Recreation & Parks

*Also, did you know that you can have a birthday party at many of the City of Cumming Recreation & Parks locations. We recently attended a gymnastic themed birthday party at Dobbs Creek. It was super cute, easy for the parents hosting, and fun for the kids!*

Find out more about birthday party places by clicking here

Cumming Recreation & Parks

Multipurpose Room

Meeting Rooms are available in to rent in 2-hour blocks for 1- and 2-room reservations; 3- and 4-room reservations are available in half-day (4 hours) and full-day (8 hours) blocks only; Pavilions are available in 2-hour blocks; maximum booking of 8 hours daily. The meeting rooms can be opened up to provide one 70’x70’ room or divided by partitions into 4 35’x35’ rooms. The price ranges from $175 and up depending on size and the time needed.

More Information on Renting the Multipurpose Room by Clicking Here

Cumming Recreation And Parks Department

Address: P.O. Box 34 (mail) or 410 Pilgrim Mill Road Cumming, GA 30028
Phone (770) 781-2030
Connect Online: Website | Facebook

Monday through Friday (Hours: 8:30am — 4:30pm)

Cumming Recreation & Parks

High School Football in Forsyth County

High School Football in Forsyth County 2017

High School Football in Forsyth County {2017}

We love taking our kids to High School Football games. They really love it!  There is just something about the Friday night lights, popcorn, and football that makes for a fun family night out. If you are looking for plans on a Friday night, this is a great way to spend it. Especially as the temperatures get cooler.

All the schools have their schedules up, so i’ve linked to them to make things easier. The ticket prices are anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on the High School. And you can purchase tickets when you arrive. They also have a concession stand with different types of food and drinks.

Any of these links will take you directly to the High School Football schedules:

Forsyth Central Bulldogs

Lambert Football

North Forsyth Football

South Forsyth War Eagles

West Forsyth Wolverines

Pinecrest Academy Paladin 

Tips When Attending a High School Football Game:

  • Bring cash for the tickets & the concession stand.
  • Wear school colors for the team you are cheering for!
  • Make sure you are sitting on the correct side. I know that seems like silly advice but believe me, it comes in handy.
  • Grab some snacks before it’s half-time. That’s when most people will head to the concession stand.
  • Be sure to watch the halftime show. This was my daughters favorite part of the game because she loves music so much.
  • Bring something comfortable to sit on. Otherwise, you will be sitting on hard concrete the whole time.
  • You will want to make sure you get there before the game starts to get a good seat.

So now the big question … who are you cheering for?

Back to School in Forsyth County 2017-2018

Back to School Round-UP

Back to School in Forsyth County 2017-2018

Whether you’re in the “boo-hoo” club or the “woo-hoo” club, there’s no denying it … it’s almost back to school time in Forsyth County!  The school bell will ring in just a matter of DAYS now, so it’s time to get ready for all things back to school.

Here’s our run-down:

forsyth county schools

  • Shop for School Supplies: We have some tips for you to make shopping easier as well as back to school drives at local organizations. Click here to read more.

back to school traditions

  • Get Ready for Some Back to School Traditions – make back to school fun with these ideas to capture the moments!

Back to school tips for kindergarten moms

  • Read Up – if you’re sending off a kindergartner this year (like me), be sure to check out this article.  It’s an oldie but a goodie!

  • Enroll Today at the NEW Kiddie Academy of Cumming: Enroll before 9/30/17 and receive 3 weeks of free tuition! Connect online with them: Facebook | Website

  • Schedule a Back to School Adjustment – Be sure to keep the kiddos backs aligned and ready for a great school year!  I’ll be doing that with our friend and website sponsor Dr. Marchman at Essential Wellness.  Give her a call and let her know Cumming Local sent you!

  • Register for Fall Sports – It may be 90+ degrees outside but it’s also the time to plan ahead and get the kids signed up for Fall Sports!  Our website sponsor, i9 Sports has a full line up to take advantage of!  Click here to get started. If you want to get a peek into what it is like doing sports with i9 Sports, read this article from one of our contributing writers.

Fall Dance Programs at Footprints

  • Register for Fall Dance programs – Footprints Dance Alliance has some great offerings for the fall. You can even attend a freebie class to see how you like the studio before classes start. For more information on their programs, click here.

Dream Dinners Cumming GA

  • Fill your Freezer with Meals – Let’s face it fall nights are super busy. So why not make dinner easier by filling your freezer with Dream Dinner meals! Click here to read about the Dream Dinner experience.


  • Enjoy just a little more fun – On of our favorite deal sites is stocked full of great savings right now!  So squeeze in one more night of fun before school starts and go ahead and plan for some fall fun as well!  Click here for the latest deals.

Auto Insurance Premium

  • Lower Your Auto Insurance – Find out how to lower your auto insurance premium with these tips from Craig at Southern Way Insurance Agency.

  • Sell Your Home or Buy a New Home – The Cole Team would love an opportunity to help you sell or buy a home. Read a recent article they did about how to get your home ready to sell – click here. Call Stephanie or Meriellen at 770-316-3110 for more information about selling or buying!

Lawn Care Myths

  • Hire a New Lawn Care Company – USA Land Care has debunked five common lawn care myths. They also share how they can help you manage weeds, disease and more! Click here to read their article.

So here’s to a great 2016-2017 School Year … Enjoy the last few days of summer and enjoy those first few days of school too!

4th Of July Celebrations In & Near Forsyth County {Plus 5 Tips For Families}

4th of July Forsyth County

4th Of July Celebrations In & Near Forsyth County {Plus 5 Tips for Families}

Happy 4th of July Forsyth County! There are usually lots of fun things to do for 4th of July in Forsyth County & surrounding areas!  I’ve got your round-up of some great events and lots of fun going on around town and beyond.

I’ll continue to add to the list as new events are found or submitted.  Events are listed in date order and as always, events may change due to weather or for any other reason so please use the contact information provided to confirm events prior to attending.  I’d hate to spoil someone’s holiday! Last but not least, ladies – if you are looking for a fun 4th of July outfit, check out this article from my friends “It Is What We Do.”

**Also, if you are doing fireworks yourself – please be safe! Read these tips from the Forsyth County Fire Department.**

4th of July Forsyth County

July 1st

Picnic & Fireworks in the Lawn
First Redeemer Church – 2100 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, GA 30041
Click here for more information

Downtown Ball Ground Fireworks
Ball Ground Main Street
Come early to shop & done in any of our awesome restaurants. There’s really not a bad seat in town!
Click here for more information

Fireworks & Independence Day Celebration
7004 Sterling Lake Blvd, Flowery Branch
Fireworks, onsite food vendors, craft vendors and local businesses
*Please note there is a $5 per car entry fee into Sterling Lake*
Click here for more information 

Fireworks, Live Music & Much More
July 1st – 4th
Lanier Islands
Click here for the schedule

July 3rd

Fireworks & Vendors at the Cumming Fairgrounds
6pm to 11pm
235 Castleberry Rd, Cumming
Dance Contest, Food Vendors & Children Activities
Free Admission & Parking
Fireworks start at 9:30pm
Click here for more information

Viewing Party at Kid to Kid Parking Lot
6pm to 9:30pm
511 Lakeland Plaza, Cumming
Face painting, free popcorn, and more!
Click here for more information

FOP Family Fun & Fireworks
6pm to 10pm
248 Castleberry Industrial Dr, Cumming
All local law enforcement officers, their families, and friends are invited to join us for food, drinks, a bounce house, music, games, & fellowship followed by the City of Cumming’s fireworks! All you need to bring is a chair! Sheriff Ron Freeman will be manning the grill at this FREE event hosted by the FOP to thank you and show our appreciation for your work in the community.
More Information 

Sparks in the Park
E.E. Robinson Park – 850 Level Creek Rd., Sugar Hill
Fireworks, inflatables, food, drinks & entertainment
More Information

Fantastic Fourth Celebration
Stone Mountain Park
Free event, parking $15
Enjoy fireworks and the laser show
July 1st – 4th
More Information 

Fireworks, Live Music & Much More
July 1st – 4th
Lanier Islands
Click here for the schedule

July 4th

North GA Running Company’s Independence Day Run
Come out for the 2nd annual Independence Day 5k. New this year -a 10k course! This race is designed to celebrate America’s freedom. We are honored to add our 5k Road Race to the 59th annual Cumming 4th of July Steam Engine parade. The streets of Cumming Georgia are lined with close to 30,000 parade spectators to see the historic collection of Steam Engine tractors and historic vehicles pass through downtown and across the square. Our 5k will run just ahead of the parade passing by the staged floats and steam engines ready to go, providing race participants great crowd support. Runners will finish close enough in time and location to easily stay for the parade. 
Click here to register

Unlimited Play at Stars and Strikes
10am to midnight
Stars and Strikes
Click here for more information 

Dahlonega’s 4th of July Celebration
Hancock Park – Downtown Dahlonega
5k, 4th of July Parade, All American Market, Car Show & Much MORE!
More Information

Summer Movie Express at Regal Theaters 
Playing The Secret Life of Pets
More Information 

Steam Engine Parade
10am in Downtown Cumming
More Information

Annual BBQ at The Foster House
The Foster House 305 W Main Street, Cumming
More Information or call 770-887-9905

8th Annual Dutch Monkey Doughnuts’ Independence Day Doughnut Eating Competition
Festivities begin at 10am, contest at 11am
According to this post on Facebook, you will need to private message Dutch Monkey directly on Facebook to register. TIP: Come early to grab a good viewing spot. This event is FREE, but they are hoping to raise lots of  money for childhood cancer research, so bring cash for hot dogs, popcorn, cold drinks, our donation jar, etc. 100% of funds collected at the event will be donated to the Rally Foundation!

Click here for more information

Mall of Georgia’s 15th Annual Star Spangled Fourth
3333 Buford DR NW, Buford,
Food concessions, Kid Zone, concert, movie (showing LEGO Batman), fireworks & more!
More Information 

Eat, Drink & Be Patriotic
Polo Golf & Country 
BBQ dinner, kid activities, fireworks and more!
Click here for more details

Gwinnett Braves Game & Post Game Fireworks
Coolray Field – 2500 Buford Dr NE, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Enjoy watching a baseball game and an excellent firework show after
Purchase Tickets

Fantastic Fourth Celebration
Stone Mountain Park
Free event, parking $15
Enjoy fireworks and the laser show
July 1st – 4th
More Information 

Fireworks, Live Music & Much More
July 1st – 4th
Lanier Islands
Click here for the schedule

4th of July fun from my friends at 365 Atlanta Family:

4th of July Forsyth County

5 Helpful Tips for Families in Forsyth County 

4th of July Forsyth County

1- Bring cash: The Cumming Fairgrounds will have food concessions. If you’ve ever been to the Cumming Fair, it is similar to that (but not all fair food will be represented). Foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ, etc. will be available. I always think it’s easier to have cash with you in case one of the vendors doesn’t take credit cards.

2- Come early: The Cumming Fairgrounds hosts the annual 4th of July celebration and it is completely free – free entry & parking. My advice to you – go early! If you aren’t there by 6:30-7pm then the parking lot will be full. And if you’d rather go somewhere else to see the fireworks, you could pack a picnic dinner and sparklers for the kids – then head to one of the surrounding parking lots to set up shop. Lakeland Plaza and Tri-County Plaza are both good options to watch the fireworks. But again – go early to get a good spot!

3- Bring water to stay hydrated: It’s July people! And July in Georgia = hot and humid! You will want to bring lots of water for yourself and the kiddos.

4- Have FUN: Whatever you do to celebrate Independence Day this year, I hope you have a good time and make memories with your friends & family. And be safe!

5- Expect to be in traffic: When the fireworks are over, everyone exits at the same time on the same roads in downtown Cumming. So sit back, relax, and expect that you will be in traffic for a while. Eventually you will get home! And if you are lucky the kids will fall asleep in the car while waiting.

Did We Miss An Event? 

If your business or organization is hosting an event open to the community, make sure you submit it to our Calendar of Events – for FREE!

4th of July Forsyth County


Kids Can Earn Junior Ranger Badges at Georgia’s State Parks

Junior Ranger Badges

Kids Can Earn Junior Ranger Badges at Georgia’s State Parks

Fun, affordable and educational youth programs can be a challenge to come by, but not with the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites’ Junior Ranger program. Children ages 6-12 may earn three levels of Junior Rangers badges this summer, either at their own pace or at day camps in the parks.

Some of activities include identifying trees or wildlife, hiking, swimming, learning about history and camping. The program supplies up to 16 activities to choose from, creating endless learning opportunities for your child. Junior Ranger books may be picked up at Georgia State Park and Historic Site office or download it online for free. This program is a great way to keep kids busy during the summer while learning about Georgia’s outdoor

Event Listings

This summer explore and expand your family’s horizons with the help of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites. Below is a sampling of upcoming Junior Ranger events. A complete listing of opportunities through August are available online

Junior Ranger Three-Day Camp at Chattahoochee Bend State Park- Newnan, Ga.

Come enjoy an adventure filled three-day camp here at Chattahoochee Bend. Archery, hiking, campfire building, and science experiments are only a few of the many adventures you’ll have at this camp. Learn about wild animals, dangerous plants, and survival skills too. Registration is required. Please call 770-254-7271 for additional details.

June 13-15 from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for ages 7-9 years old

June 27-29 from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for ages 10-12 years old

Junior Ranger Camp at Florence Marina State Park – Omaha, Ga.

Florence Marina invites all junior rangers to its annual junior ranger camp. Come explore the wonderful world of being a park ranger. Learn how to identify different plant and animal species, go on hikes and boat rides, learn wilderness skills, and more. Please call 229-838-4706 for additional details.

June 12,13,14 and 15 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Junior Ranger Camp at Skidaway Island State Park- Savannah, Ga.

A week of hikes, crafts, games focused on the natural and cultural heritage of Georgia. During the week your child will work to earn a Junior Ranger patch. Registration is limited. Please call 912-598-2300 for additional details.

The weeks of May 29, June 12, 26, and July 10 from 9:00 5:00 p.m. for ages 6-11 years old

Junior Ranger Camp: Seminole State Park – Donalsonville, Ga.

Children ages 7-14 are invited to this multiday camp to learn how to become a Jr Ranger. Some activities will include canoeing, hiking, aquatic exploration and crafts. To earn their Jr Ranger Badge, children will learn about a variety of topics such as animals, wilderness survival, and much more. Register in advance. Please call 229-861-3137 for additional details.

June 5, July 10, August 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for ages 7-14 years old

Junior Ranger Camp: Magnolia Springs State Park – Millen, Ga.

During this three-day camp, children will participate in activities that focus on the outdoors and work towards earning a Junior Ranger badge. Activities will include nature hikes, archery, geocaching, alligators, fishing, archaeology, the splash pad, and much more. Call or visit the park to register. Space is limited and registration is required. Please call 478-982-1660 for additional details.

June 13-15 and June 27-29 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Junior Ranger Camp: Fort Yargo State Park – Winder, Ga.

This camp will feature a multitude of activities from hiking to archery. Over the three-day camp (guests can choose from two series) children will experience what it’s like to be a State Park Junior Ranger. Registration required. Please call 770-867-3489 for additional details.

June 7-9 and June 21-23 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for ages 6-12 years old

Junior Ranger Camp: Laura S. Walker – Waycross, Ga.

Children will participate in activities that focus on the outdoors and work toward earning a Junior Ranger badge. Activities include outdoor skills, trail walks, birding, and more. Space is limited and registration is required. Please call 912-287-4900 for additional details.

June 20-22 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for ages 6-12 years old

Junior Ranger Camp: Vogel State Park – Blairsville, Ga.

You will learn how to identify different plant and animal species, go on hikes and boat rides, learn how to be safe in the wilderness, and so much more. Please call 706-745-2628 for additional details.

June 17-18, July 15-16 and August 5-6 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


About Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Georgia’s State Parks & Historic Sites are affordable destinations for vacations and quick getaways. Waterfalls and lakes, salt marsh and mountains are just some of the beautiful environments of the state parks.  Georgia State Park Golf Courses offer the best variety and value around. With eight golf courses to choose from, each features natural settings and picturesque surroundings, as well as fun and challenging play. Most state parks offer fishing, boating, hiking, camping, geocaching, birding and more.  Accommodations include campsites, cabins, lodges, even yurts, and vary by park.  Among the Georgia State Historic Sites are presidential homes, ancient Indian mounds, battlefields, plantations and even a gold museum. Georgia’s public libraries have ParkPasses and Historic Site Passes that can be checked out like a book.

Junior Ranger Badges Junior Ranger Badges

65+ Days of Summer Things To Do In Forsyth County

Summer Things To Do in Forsyth County

65+ Days of Summer Things to Do in Forsyth County 

I love that picture of the kids playing in the pool! It just reminds me of summer. Well – It’s officially SUMMER BREAK here in Forsyth County! And if you are like me, then you are going to be looking for summer things to do in Forsyth County!

When it comes to summer break – what are you most excited about? I’m most excited about two things: not getting up at 5:30am & not sitting in carline everyday!

About a month ago I started thinking about summer and putting together a rough plan for us. As I was doing that I thought to myself – I bet other people could benefit from my planning! Long story made short – that is how the “65+ Days of Summer” e-book was created.

Summer Things To Do In Forsyth County

I began making a bucket list for everything we could do in Forsyth County this summer. Then I organized it into seven categories…

  • Indoor Fun (Story Times, Jumpy Places, Indoor Entertainment, Theatre & Crafting or Cooking Places)
  • Outdoor Fun (Pools, Water Fun, Parks, Playgrounds, Farms, Farmer Markets & Fishing Spots)
  • Create Something (Building or Art Locations)
  • Movie Time (Free Movies & Cheap Movies)
  • Sweet & Treats (Ice Cream Shops, Bakeries & Tea Rooms)
  • Fun At Home (Ideas Of Things To Do Around Your House)
  • Summer Events (Organized In Order By Date)

With some graphic design it became a 12-page downloadable and printable e-book in a checklist format. And I decided to give this away for FREE as a BIG THANK YOU to all my readers and website sponsors! The Cumming Local Facebook page just hit over 10,000 followers. Also, the newsletter subscription has double as has the website traffic. And I have partnered with some really fabulous local businesses.

Without further ado…I give you the 65+ Days of Summer: A checklist of things to do & places to go this summer in Forsyth County & Cumming, GA.

Download your FREE copy by clicking here – 65+ Days of Summer

Summer Things To Do in Forsyth County

For other summer things to do in Forsyth County, check out the following links:

I hope you have a GREAT summer!

Concerts at The Collection {2017}

Concerts at The Collection 2017 

Did you hear? The Collection at Forsyth is hosting it’s 6th annual summer concert series!  It’s the perfect venue to pack a dinner, eat picnic style, and enjoy some live music with the family and even some dancing on the lawn!

This FREE event is so much fun for the whole family or a date night. We like to pack a picnic dinner and eat before it starts. This could also be a great date night. You could pack some apps or pick up dinner from one of the restaurants in The Collection. Here is a directory of the restaurants in The Collection Forsyth, click here to view.

**NEW FOR 2017** The Collection will host its first “Restaurant Mix & Mingle” during the concert series this year. Participating restaurants will provide tastes and sips for listeners at the event. Attendees will enjoy samples from Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Grub Burger Bar, Marlow’s Tavern, Mellow Mushroom, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Tin Drum Asian Kitchen.

Attendees will also have access to concert night specials at a selection of restaurants and retailers, including Chick-fil- A, Claire’s, Grub Burger Bar, Lavender Boutique, Marlow’s Tavern, Pure Barre, Springfree Trampoline and Tin Drum Asian Kitchen.

Concerts at the Collection 2017 Concert Schedule:

  • June 8 – Last Five Standing
  • June 15 – Adam Komesar
  • June 22 – Lance Price Band
  • June 29 – Lilac Wine
  • July 6 – Adam Komesar
  • July 13 – Cole Thannish
  • July 20 – James Patrick Morgan

Each concert evening will begin at 6pm with children’s activities and restaurant sampling, and the live music will occur from 7–9pm. Listeners are invited to bring blankets or lawn chairs and relax in the center of The Collection, or enjoy the music while shopping or dining on one of The Collection at Forsyth’s restaurant patios.

More About The Collection at Forsyth:

The Collection at Forsyth is an outdoor lifestyle shopping destination in Cumming, Georgia. Owned and managed by Core Property Capital and Starwood Capital Group, The Collection at Forsyth features a variety of premier national retailers, restaurants and a movie theater, as well as specialty local stores and eateries. For more information, visit, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Connect Online: Facebook | Website | Twitter

Summer Movie Express at Regal Cinemas

The Summer Movie Express is headed into Georgia at Regal Cinemas for the summer of 2017! The 18 family movies are playing on Tuesdays & Wednesdays for the summer starting on June 6th.

Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets will be available for purchase at the box office and all movies start at 10am. Each week both movies play on both days.

{A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.}


Here are the participating Regal Cinemas in Georgia:

  • Regal Arbor Place Stadium 18 & IMAX (Douglasville, GA)
  • Regal Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 & IMAX (Augusta, GA)
  • Regal Avalon 12 (Alpharetta, GA)
  • Regal Carrollton 10 Cinemas (Carrollton, GA)
  • Regal Cherokee 16 Cinemas (Woodstock, GA)
  • Regal Dawson 10 Cinemas (Dawsonville, GA)
  • Regal Georgian Stadium 14 (Newnan, GA)
  • Regal Griffin 10 Cinemas (Griffin, GA)
  • Regal Hamilton Mill Stadium 14 (Dacula, GA)
  • Regal Hollywood 15 Cinemas (Gainesville, GA)
  • Regal Mall Of Georgia Stadium 20 IMAX & RPX (Buford, GA)
  • Regal McDonough Stadium 16 (McDonough, GA)
  • Regal Medlock Crossing Stadium 18 & RPX (Johns Creek, GA)
  • Regal Savannah Stadium 10 (Savannah, GA)
  • Regal Stadium 22 @ Austell (Austell, GA)
  • Regal Town Center Stadium 16 & RPX – Kennesaw (Kennesaw, GA)

Here’s the line-up of movies:

  • Week 1: Kung Fu Panda 3 & Ice Age: Collision Course
  • Week 2: Trolls & Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
  • Week 3: Monster Trucks & Penguins of Madagascar
  • Week 4: Rio 2 & The Boxtrolls
  • Week 5: The Secret Life of Pets & Sing
  • Week 6: Kubo and the Two Strings & Ratchet and Clank
  • Week 7: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water & The Adventures of Tintin
  • Week 8: Happy Feet Two & Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
  • Week 9: Storks & The Lego Batman Movie

Looking for more cheap (or free) movies this summer?

Outdoor Summer Movies

Movies in the Park are FREE this summer at Vickery Village starting May 30th! Click here for all the details.

Free summer movies

Kids Summer Movie Series at Movies 400 in Cumming are $2-4 per person and that includes admission, popcorn, and a drink. Click here for all the details.

This article is also part of our Summer Fun for Kids from A to Z, which has 26+ ideas for things to do with your kids this summer!

About Regal Entertainment Group:
Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, consisting of 7,262 screens in 559 theatres in 43 states along with Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and the District of Columbia as of March 31, 2017. The Company operates theatres in 48 of the top 50 U.S. designated market areas. We believe that the size, reach and quality of the Company’s theatre circuit not only provide its patrons with a convenient and enjoyable movie-going experience, but is also an exceptional platform to realize economies of scale in theatre operations.

Additional information is available on the Company’s website at


Summer Movies for Kids at Movies 400 {2017}

Free summer movies

Summer Movies for Kids {2017}

It’s that time again – Summer Movies for Kids {2017}! We are very excited to announce the 2017 schedule. Going to the movies is great for rainy days or even those SUPER HOT summer days.

Please note: New Vision has changed the program for 2017. See the new pricing model below…

As always, please check with New Vision Theaters – Movies 400 before heading there. This schedule, pricing, or times could change.

Summer Movies for Kids

From New Vision Theaters / Movies 400:
Movies will start at 10AM. Doors will open at 9AM. Please note – First come, First serve. Seating is limited.


  • $4 for Kid Show Combo (admission, small drink and popcorn)
  • $2 for Kid Show Combo with EACH donated canned good (labeled, not expired, not dented). {This is a discounted price for bringing in a canned good}

All movies rated PG or G (Titles Subject to Change – The schedule below for Movies 400 as of 5/5/16)

5/30 & 6/1 The Secret Life of Pets
6/6 & 6/8 The Lorax
6/13 & 6/15 Sing
6/20 & 6/22 The Boxtrolls
6/27 & 6/29 Curious George: Show Me the Monkey
7/4 & 7/6 Alvin & The Chipmunks
7/11 & 7/13 Kung Fu Panda 3
7/18 & 7/20 The Peanuts Movie
7/25 & 7/27 The Croods
8/1 & 8/3 Trolls

More About New Vision Theater / Movies 400:

415 Atlanta Road
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone – 678.947.4473

Facebook | Website

Looking for more Family Movies?

Check out the FREE Outdoor Summer Movies at Vickery Village!

 Photo Source: D Sharon Pruitt

This post is included on our Summer Fun for Kids article. Check out ALL the ideas for Summer Fun for Kids from A to Z!